The Cost Contrast of Rigid Flex PCB and conventional PCB

Relocating to a rigid flex PCB design from the standard strategy of using cord settings up to join two or more PCB’s has noticeable advantages consisting of:
the capability the suit a smaller kind variable, less weight, boosted transmission capacity and raised existing bring abilities.

A common question that we are asked is ways to contrast the cost of a rigid flex PCB with the standard method.

Generally, if you look just at the PCB cost, a rigid flex PCBconstruction is going to be more pricey. But after evaluating the overall cost of the assembly, extremely commonly there is a price financial savings.

The adhering to listing is not indicated to be all-inclusive. Every application will certainly be distinct. Our hope is that this checklist aids promote the mind when doing a contrast of the two modern technologies.

Points to think about when comparing the total expense of an assembly:

You are merging several boards right into 1 design
Rigid PCB’s.
Cost of wires and adapters.
Diminish Tubing.
Wire Ties.
Wire Pens.

Price of the assembly operation. You can now run one assembly rather than 2 or 3.
Human Labor.
Cord Assembly Test.
Kitting for assembly.
In Process Evaluation.
PCB Tooling/Test.
On Board/ Last Test.
Misc. expenses– design time, etc

Evaluating:. Possibility of one test procedure AND the ability to examine the complete assembly prior to installation.

No solder connections between boards.
Integrity comes from a great design.
The flex port is currently an essential part of the board.
Order Processing Costs.
Inbound Evaluation.

Order generation.
Material Storage space.

As I pointed out, this checklist is far from full and meant to cause conversation on the prices of a complete assembly. We are always right here to help answer any concerns or offer added info on both price contrasts and rigid flex PCB design. much more info, please visit our website at