RCY PCB Technical Advices

Product Development

During your product development, we can give you recommendations on how to select raw materials and structure circuit wiring. These can be completed by real-time online chat or E-mail.

Cost Control

We try to help you optimize the cost of every step, we can offer valued suggestion on how to reduce your PCB manufacturing costs via combining your request. For example: lay-up design or units’ arrangement, etc.

Manufacturing Gerber file

once you have made an order, we will provide you a production Gerber file based on original document, and then perform a complete design rule checking (DRC), and carefully review each item of circuit patterns based on our engineering capabilities, if necessary, raise engineering questions (EQ).


What more we can do for you?

Technical Support
 For the production process, RCY PCB follows the bellowing measures to avoid any technical difficulties after products arriving to customers..

1. Use genisiss CAM software to visually inspect and check out the production flaws.

2. Customize lay-up design, units’ arrangements and board surface finish.

3. Eliminate any misunderstands that could lead to information disclosure and imprecise interpretation.

4. Clarification and verification on orders’ requirement and close of EQ(engineering question) ​​before mass production. For example: legend color, ink, raw material grade, etc .

5. Instant response for customers’ inquires.

6. Place Instant Online Order (for sample PCB manufacturing)

7. Technical advice via online support.


Technical advice

once receiving your design files, we will estimate the production cost and determine whether this design is technically producible. Then we will respond to customer with factors possible change in the total cost. In order to produce high quality PCB, minor changes and modification is often necessary. For example: surface treatment, selection of raw materials, layout design, units’ arrangement and so on. Of course, these will be confirmed with you in meeting or on telephone as well.