Rigid-Flex PCB


With the rise of mobile Internet era, the shipment of  mobile smart devices turns out explosive growth, which leads to a strong demand for the core component Rigid-Flex PCB, because of its excellent electrical connection performance and the amazing replacement of the conventional connectors, which make the final product smaller and more stable. plus the popularity and development of the Wearable and VR (Virtual Reality) products also need the rigid flex PCB, which make the market of Rigid Flex PCB full of enormous growth potential.

Due to the complicated manufacturing processes of the Rigid-Flex PCB, very few PCB factories have the capability to make well this kind of special printed circuit boards.  While RCY owns the top level precess experts who are dedicated on rigid-flex pcb fabrication research for many years, and these experts are the owner of 50+ pcb manufacturing related patents. that's why we have got a leap of progress and breakthrough, and become the leading rigid flex pcb manufacturer in China.

Following product is a Rigid Flex PCB used in satellite field, which had been prototyped 3 times in an famous manufacturer that is focus on high-end PCB prototyping, but all failed to pass the reliability test, while it's amazing that RCY succeeded through just one attempt. that's our capability!


Rigid Flex PCB