A new type of headset can read ideas from your brain

Voice technology has always had a prominent problem: you will feel a bit strange with yourself when you talk to someone. However, technology continues to rise under the people’s demands, people have less self-awareness of their machines when they in conversations.

Any non-language device is an inevitable trend, it accomplishes work in a similar manner, but not in dialogues. A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been studying such a device, but we must admit that hardware design does not completely remove the entire self-awareness.

AlterEgo is a head-worn or jaw-mounted device that could read neuromuscular signals through a built-in electrode. As MIT said, this hardware can read ideas from people’s brains.

Master Arnav Kapur said in an interview:” The initial motivation for this idea is to create an IA device——an intelligent enhancement device. Our idea is that Is it possible to have an internal computing platform that can connect humans and computers in some ways and let us feel like an internal extension of our own ideas?”

Ten students of MIT have tested the device, they basically count on the product to read their own neural information. The research team stated that the accuracy of the directive is about 92% once the calibration is completed. To be honest, the accuracy of voice commands seems to no much different from the voice assistants that I have used.

From the standpoint of customers, the potentiality is much in evidence in this device, it looks like an orthodontic device in the medieval ages. The team also added bone conduction in audio playback to keep the system completely static, this element may make it useful for special operating systems.

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