• What is wave soldering?

    Wave soldering is to make the solder side of the PCB directly contact with high temperature liquid tin for welding purposes,its high temperature liquid tin maintains an inclined surface, and a special device makes liquid tin form a wavy phenomenon, so it is called “wave soldering”,its main material is soldering tin bar. Wave soldering is currently the most commonly used and effective method, wave soldering system has a large enough tin can handle the maximum circuit board width you expect.Wave soldering is suitable for medium batch or large quantity welding. Advantage:...

  • The advantage of robot in PCB industry

    The advantage of robot in PCB industry Like the automobile industry and other manufacturing industries, industrial robots have brought many advantages to enterprises in the PCB industry. 1.Reduce the use of work, speed up the pace of work, improve work efficiency. 2.Improve operation precision and product quality. 3.To avoid the potential threat to the health and safety of workers from the operating environment and save the investment in environmental safety. 4.Reduce the loss of efficiency, quality and accident rate caused by repeated and boring processes...

  • Why PCB Design Software is Proving So Vital to Modern Circuit Board Ingenuity

    Printed circuit board (PCB) design software is a remarkable tool when it comes to designing PCB for electronic devices. By using the PCB design software, an engineer not only addresses issues associated with power integrity and signal, but is also able to modify and improve the entire circuit structure. PCB design software can be easily integrated with other associated plugin PLM software that can assist engineers to better analyze layouts and designs of PCBs. In recent years, the demand for PCB design software from the electronics manufacturing industry has been robust. According to the latest data released by Future Market Insights (FMI), the global market for PCB design software is set to witness a CAGR of more than 12% between 2016 and 2026 to rake in $4,755.1 million in revenues by the end of the forecast period. Needless to say, PCB design software eliminates issues faster and significantly reduces circuit......

  • The veteran’s answer about Crystal Oscillator (Part one)

    Someone who has just started to join in Electronic Industry,they often faced the questions about Crystal Oscillator,even they have researched a lot of resources from refernce books or internet,but many of them are still in confusion. Today I share with you some typical questions and answers from the veteran electronic engineer. What’s the fonction of Crystal Oscillator? The main fonction is providing a clock signal for the whole system. For example,the run model of CPU is step by step,every step defined an instruction that base on Crystal Oscillator. What’s the relation between Crystal Oscillator and timing sequence? Timing sequence is counted on the clock’s order,and the clock is generated by a Crystal Oscillator. Why we often set some different Crystal Oscillator on the same PCB? Evey different CPU or Chip has different frequencies,they need matched Crystal Oscillator to run. For example,USB1.1 needs 48MHz clock to be divided, so 12MHz crystal......

  • The veteran’s answer about Crystal Oscillator (Part two)

    USB1.1 needs 48MHz clock to be divided, so 12MHz crystal oscillator is required, and the frequency is 4 times that of 48MHz. Why don’t choose 48MHz Crystal Oscillator directly? Because high frequency crystal oscillator is easy to be affected by peripheral circuits or affect peripheral circuits. Most of the time,we get high frequency by using low frequency crystal oscillator with second harmonic generation. But it’s not absolute,many circuits is often used a crystal oscillator of 50M or more. That’s a key point that we need a special attention when we do PCB layout.   Why we use 32.768KHz crystal oscillator when the RTC clock needs a more accurate 1S (1 second)? Because all digital circuits are expressed by binary system,32768 is 1000000000000000 in binary system. So as long as we detect the highest bit changes, we will know that 1 second, don’t need to check every bit, the circuit is......

Research on China’s PCB Industry Market Prospects in 2019( Part two)

PCB industry overview PCB is an important electronic component, mainly composed of two kinds of materials: insulating substrate and conductor, which plays a role of support and interconnection in electronic equipment. The main advantages of using a circuit board are greatly reduced wiring and assembly errors, increased automation levels and production labor rates. With the continuous expansion of printed circuit board application scenarios, downstream products continue to innovate, printed circuit boards can be generally divided into rigid circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, metal-based circuit boards, HD boards and package substrates. Global PCB industry market status PCB is an indispensable component in electronic products. As the level of technology continues to increase, its demand is stable and will continue to grow. The PCB industry has become a global industry with an annual output value of more than 50 billion US dollars. In 2018, the global PCB market output exceeded 60 billion US dollars. In the future, driven by the continuous development of the global...

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Research on China’s PCB Industry Market Prospects in 2019 ( Part one)

PCB is an indispensable component in electronic products. So,as the level of technology continues to increase, PCB demand will be stable and  continue to grow. The PCB industry has become a global industry, and the global PCB market is expected to reach $66 billion in 2019.  And also, in 2020, global PCB output value is expected to be nearly $70 billion. As China's PCB production value has increased globally, China's mainland PCB industry has entered a period of sustained and steady growth. This Research focuses on the following subjects: 1 PCB industry overview 2 The global PCB industry market status 3 China's PCB market analysis     ...

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Industry Research and Analysis Report

In recent years, China's advantages in the PCB industry are obvious.So,what are the driving factors and development trends of the PCB industry in the future?And,in the global competitive landscape,how much does the domestic-funded enterprise win? Let's talk about the relevant analysis report of the PCB industry today I. Factors that drive PCB industry and development trends of PCB industry 1)  The PCB market is huge,as the PCB industry is the basic and the most important part of the whole electronic information industry. It is expected that the electronic information industry will continue to lead the global economic growth in the future, so the growth rate of the PCB industry will be slightly higher than the macroeconomic growth rate Major downstream , such as communication electronics, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics will provide sustainable development momentum for the PCB industry. In addition, we can forecast that the compound growth rate will be 3.2% in the next five years,in the short to medium term, the growth rate of communication and automotive electronics is significantly...

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The application of AOI in PCB inspection

Printed circuit board (PCB) is a substrate for assembling electronic components. So the manufacturing quality of PCBs directly affects the reliability of electronic products As the in-depth development of electronic assembly moves forward  to PCB hybrid technology with higher density, smaller size In order to reduce the number of defective boards entering the next step,the demand for automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for PCB inspection is also growing The AOI system is an applicable, automated inspection system based on machine vision technology, And also, it has been widely used in PCB inspection,  it has high-speed, high-tech and high-precision features, let's talk about the technical advantages of AOI inspecting system as following: 1) The PCB inspection system checks and corrects PCB defects, and the cost during process monitoring is much lower than the cost after final testing and inspection. 2) AOI inspecting system can quickly detect repetitive errors at early stage such as placement displacement or incorrect tray mounting 3) AOI inspecting system can significantly improve the yield of  finished PCB assembly products 4) Automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for...

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5G Network-Huawei is gaining support from more and more overseas operators!

1 LG U+ supports Huawei 5G equipment and think it safe On May 15th, LG U+, the third largest operator in South Korea, held a press conference yesterday. Company CEO Ha Hyun-hwoi made it clear that LG U+ believes that using Huawei devices in its 5G network infrastructure will not pose any security threat Currently, LG U+ is working with Huawei to build a 5G infrastructure. Ha Hyun-hwoi said that Huawei has applied for a 5G network device security certification at an international certification body in Spain. After the results of the assessment next year, the public will be able to understand the safety of their equipment. 2 European operators increase the co-operation with Huawei The current European market is an important development for Huawei, in fact, this is true, because many European operators see Huawei as a strategic partner, who can play an important role in the 5G development process. On the 5G network, Huawei is gaining support from more and more overseas operators. And also, many...

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Why does PCB need to do impedance control ?

Today, let's talk about why the PCB board needs to do impedance control and what is the meaning of impedance control for the PCB board  1.Why does PCB need to do impedance control ? The pcb board impedance refers to the resistance and the parameters of the reactance, which hinder the AC. Impedance control processing is essential in the production of PCB  industry. Reasons are as follows: 1)As we all know,the PCB need to do mounting of electronic components, So,we should consider the conductive performance and signal transmission performance after mounting,So it will require the lower the impedance, the better. 2)In the production process, PCB boards are subjected to manufacturing steps such as copper plating , electroplating tin ,and soldering. In the meanwhile,the materials used in these process steps must be  low resistivity enough to ensure that the overall impedance control of the PCB board is low and meets product quality requirements. 3)There are various signal transmissions in the conductor layer of the PCB board,when you want to increase signal transmission speed rate,...

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global IC packaging market will exceed 10 billion US dollars in 2022

The IC package substrate, also known as the IC carrier board, is directly used to carry the chip, which not only provides support, protection and heat dissipation for the chip, but also provides an electronic connection between the chip and the PCB motherboard. It is estimated that the global IC packaging materials market reached 20 billion US dollars in 2018, the largest proportion of which is IC package substrate, about 7.3 billion US dollars.  The global IC packaging substrate market is growing steadily, and will break $10 billion by 2022. The IC packaging  market has been in a stable growth stage in recent years. At present, the global package substrate market is basically occupied by PCB companies such as UMTC, Ibiden, SEMCO, South Asia circuit board, Kinsus and other regions in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. The market share of the top ten companies is over 80%, and the industry concentration is relatively higher However, PCB companies from China's mainland have been still in the early stage of development...

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Communication industry: high-frequency PCB manufacturing moves eastward

5G base station construction creates the demand for high-frequency PCB In the 5G era, due to the high integration requirements of the antenna system, the 4G traditional feeder network will be replaced with high-frequency PCB used in the the 5G base station AAU, As the 5G spectrum gradually extends to the high frequency band, there will be a large demand for  high-frequency PCB, At present, the PCB industry in mainland China has accounted for half of the country. The eastward trend of the PCB industry continues, in the meanwhile, the domestic PCB factories enter the field of high-frequency PCB manufacturing And also,  the gap with overseas PCB companies is gradually narrowing We predict that the demand for high-frequency copper clad laminates in the peak period of domestic 5G construction is expected to reach 1.3 billion yuan / year   PCB Factory| multilayer pcb & rigid-flex pcb manufacturer ****** We are one of the most trusted PCB factories and Rigid-Flex PCB manufactures in China. Specializing in the production of multilayer PCBs, high precision PCBs,...

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Be sure you must know the factors that affect the PCB Manufacturing cost when designing a PCB

PCB layer number: Generally, when the PCB Manufacturing area is the same, the more number of PCB layer is, the more expensive the PCB Manufacturing cost will be PCB Size: In the case of a certain number of PCB layers, the smaller size the PCB has, the lower PCB Manufacturing cost,On the contrary,the larger the size of the PCB, the higher the PCB Manufacturing cost PCB Manufacturing difficulty: The main parameters affecting PCB manufacturing cost are minimum line width, minimum line spacing, minimum drilling, etc. However, if these parameters are set too small or the process capability has reached the minimum limit of the PCB factory, then PCB yield will be lower,and the PCB manufacturing cost will be increased PCB base material: There are many types of PCB base materials,such as FR4,composite substrate special substrate printed circuit boards, metal substrates, etc. the better the material is , the high the PCB Manufacturing cost will be ****** We are one of the most trusted PCB factories and Rigid-Flex PCB manufactures in China. Specializing in the production...

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An introduction to High Density Interconnect (HDI) printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing

High-density interconnect (HDI) manufacturing  is one of the fastest growing areas in the printed circuit board industry ,as we know, consumer electronics products will be produced in smaller and smaller size in the future, so, there will be a steadily demand for thin and light PCB, which can handle high-speed signals and reduce signal loss,Since HDI PCB have finer lines, tighter spaces, smaller pads and micro via,undoubtedly, HDI PCB/micro via technology is the future of PCB structure, However,They all require smaller PCB feature sizes, which drives strong demand for HDI PCB/mini vias in the market This article briefly describes  HDI PCB-An introduction to High Density Interconnect (HDI)   *********We are one of the most trusted PCB factories and Rigid-Flex PCB manufactures in China. Specializing in the production of multilayer PCBs, high precision PCBs, HDI PCBs and Rigid-Flex PCBs*****  ...

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