• What is wave soldering?

    Wave soldering is to make the solder side of the PCB directly contact with high temperature liquid tin for welding purposes,its high temperature liquid tin maintains an inclined surface, and a special device makes liquid tin form a wavy phenomenon, so it is called “wave soldering”,its main material is soldering tin bar. Wave soldering is currently the most commonly used and effective method, wave soldering system has a large enough tin can handle the maximum circuit board width you expect.Wave soldering is suitable for medium batch or large quantity welding. Advantage:...

  • The advantage of robot in PCB industry

    The advantage of robot in PCB industry Like the automobile industry and other manufacturing industries, industrial robots have brought many advantages to enterprises in the PCB industry. 1.Reduce the use of work, speed up the pace of work, improve work efficiency. 2.Improve operation precision and product quality. 3.To avoid the potential threat to the health and safety of workers from the operating environment and save the investment in environmental safety. 4.Reduce the loss of efficiency, quality and accident rate caused by repeated and boring processes...

  • Why PCB Design Software is Proving So Vital to Modern Circuit Board Ingenuity

    Printed circuit board (PCB) design software is a remarkable tool when it comes to designing PCB for electronic devices. By using the PCB design software, an engineer not only addresses issues associated with power integrity and signal, but is also able to modify and improve the entire circuit structure. PCB design software can be easily integrated with other associated plugin PLM software that can assist engineers to better analyze layouts and designs of PCBs. In recent years, the demand for PCB design software from the electronics manufacturing industry has been robust. According to the latest data released by Future Market Insights (FMI), the global market for PCB design software is set to witness a CAGR of more than 12% between 2016 and 2026 to rake in $4,755.1 million in revenues by the end of the forecast period. Needless to say, PCB design software eliminates issues faster and significantly reduces circuit......

  • The veteran’s answer about Crystal Oscillator (Part one)

    Someone who has just started to join in Electronic Industry,they often faced the questions about Crystal Oscillator,even they have researched a lot of resources from refernce books or internet,but many of them are still in confusion. Today I share with you some typical questions and answers from the veteran electronic engineer. What’s the fonction of Crystal Oscillator? The main fonction is providing a clock signal for the whole system. For example,the run model of CPU is step by step,every step defined an instruction that base on Crystal Oscillator. What’s the relation between Crystal Oscillator and timing sequence? Timing sequence is counted on the clock’s order,and the clock is generated by a Crystal Oscillator. Why we often set some different Crystal Oscillator on the same PCB? Evey different CPU or Chip has different frequencies,they need matched Crystal Oscillator to run. For example,USB1.1 needs 48MHz clock to be divided, so 12MHz crystal......

  • The veteran’s answer about Crystal Oscillator (Part two)

    USB1.1 needs 48MHz clock to be divided, so 12MHz crystal oscillator is required, and the frequency is 4 times that of 48MHz. Why don’t choose 48MHz Crystal Oscillator directly? Because high frequency crystal oscillator is easy to be affected by peripheral circuits or affect peripheral circuits. Most of the time,we get high frequency by using low frequency crystal oscillator with second harmonic generation. But it’s not absolute,many circuits is often used a crystal oscillator of 50M or more. That’s a key point that we need a special attention when we do PCB layout.   Why we use 32.768KHz crystal oscillator when the RTC clock needs a more accurate 1S (1 second)? Because all digital circuits are expressed by binary system,32768 is 1000000000000000 in binary system. So as long as we detect the highest bit changes, we will know that 1 second, don’t need to check every bit, the circuit is......

Is there any future or not for the Chinese PCB industry?(Part two)

As we know,almost every electronic device and equipment , in small,from electronic watches to electronic calculators and computers; in large, from communication antenna base stations to military armed systems and aviation radars,will need printed circuit board (PCB) for interconnection between electronic components such as integrated circuits This article makes the following analysis on whether or not there is any future for PCB industry, specifically, the Chinese PCB industry   ****** We are among the top 100 PCB and Rigid-Flex PCB manufactures in China. Specializing in the production of high-precision PCB boards, HDI PCB boards and Rigid-Flex PCB boards With powerful process capabilities and strict quality control systems, our products is trustworthy *****  ...

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Is there any future or not for the Chinese PCB industry?(Part one)

1, China accounts for more than half of the global PCB market, China's the mainland is rising Printed circuit board (PCB) products have been used in commercial since 1948 and have been risen up and widely used since the 1950s. The traditional PCB industry is a labor-intensive industry with a lower technology density than the semiconductor industry. Since the beginning of the 21st century, it has gradually moved from the US and Japan to the semiconductor industry in China and Japan.Since its inception, China has become an influential PCB producer in the world, with PCB production accounting for more than 50% of the world. In 2018, the global output value of printed circuit boards reached US$63.6 billion. According to the data of the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Industrial Engineering Research Institute, although Taiwan still won the global market share of 31.3% in 2018, the proportion of mainland China also reached 23%. And the market share and growth rate have risen...

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The development trend of PCB technology

PCB products, whether rigid PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, multi-layer PCB, and module substrates for IC package substrates, make a significant contribution to high-end electronic equipment. PCB industry plays an important role in electronic interconnection technology This article makes the following analysis on the current development trend of PCB technology: 1.development towards the road of high-density interconnect technology (HDI) Since HDI PCB can embody the most advanced technology of current PCB industry,it brings fine wire and micro-aperture to the PCB. HDI multi-layer PCBs are widely applied in terminal electronic products - cellphone (mobile phone)  2.Component embedding technology has strong vitality The component embedding technology is a PCB functional integrated circuit. what a Great changes, but it is imperative to develop analog design methods, production techniques, and inspection quality and reliability. 3.PCB material development needs to be a higher level Whether it is a rigid PCB or a flexible PCB material, as global electronic products are lead-free, in the meantime, it is required to make these materials more resistant to heat....

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Technology 丨 PCB etching processing and processing control

The process of printing a circuit board ,from a bare board to displaying a circuit pattern ,is a relatively complex process of physical and chemical reactions.This article analyzes the final step-etching processing.Currently, the typical process for, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, is "graphic plating". That is, firstly, a layer of lead-tin resist is pre-plated on the portion of the copper foil to be retained on the outer layer of the board, that is, the pattern portion of the circuit, and then the remaining copper foil is chemically etched away, which is called etching. Type of etching It should be noted that, there are two layers of copper on the board during etching. Only one layer of copper in the outer etch process must be completely etched away, and the rest will form the final required circuit. This type of pattern plating is characterized in that, the copper plating layer is only present under the lead-tin resist layer. Another method is to plate copper on the...

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The fourth in the world! Huawei’s R&D expenditure reached $15.3 billion last year

According to foreign media reports, Huawei hopes to dominate the next generation of 5G wireless technology and invest in this target at a rate that few companies can match. Last year, Huawei's research and development spending reached 15.3 billion US dollars (about 102.9 billion yuan), equivalent to more than twice the R&D investment five years ago. It is worth mentioning that among all the companies with the most R&D investment in the world, only Amazon surpasses this growth rate. And also,according to Bloomberg data, Huawei's 2018 R&D spending budget ranks fourth in the world, behind Amazon, Alphabet and Samsung Electronics, surpassing Microsoft, Apple, Intel and other industry giants. Global Technology Corporation R&D Expenses Ranking and Huawei Ranks Fourth Beyond Apple   And,Huawei's R&D expenditure in 2018 increased by 149% compared with 2014, exceeding the growth rate of R&D expenditure of Apple, Microsoft and South Korea's Samsung Electronics. However, Amazon's R&D spending increased by 210% during the same period, ranking the first in the Global Technology Corporation...

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The popularity of automotive electronics will drive the demands and price of automotive PCBs to rise!

New energy vehicles and smart driving components will greatly enhance the value of automotive PCBs In recent years, the trend of electrification and electronicization of automobiles has become more apparent. As the backbone of electronic products, the importance of PCB manufacturing in the automotive supply chain is also increasing. Compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, the new energy vehicles will increase the charging, energy storage and energy conversion equipment, which will bring a lot of new application scenarios to the PCB. However,in smart driving devices, millimeter-wave radar must be fabricated using high-frequency PCB. The automotive millimeter-wave radar mainly uses two frequency bands of 24 GHz and 77-79 GHz, and the frequency is much higher than that of the general circuit. The characteristics of high-frequency circuits determine, that the requirements for the manufacturing of key components of high-frequency PCBs, from copper clad to PCB, are much higher than those of general PCBs: What's more,The application of domestic millimeter wave radar continues to grow at...

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5G is expected to greatly increase the demands of PCBs in telecommunication electronics

telecommunication electronics is the most important downstream application area of PCB industry,According to data from Prismark , telecommunication electronics accounted for 27.30% of total output value of PCB in 2017,which is the biggest application field of PCB industry. PCBs has a wide range of applications in wireless networks, transmission networks, data communications, and fixed-line broadband, and is often a high value-added product such as backplanes, high-frequency high-speed PCBs, and multi-layer PCBs.5G is the next-generation mobile communication network, and there will be a large number needs for 5G infrastructure construction, which is expected to drastically drive the demand of PCBs in telecommunication electronics,that is,PCBs is needed in every link of telecommunication field 5G will bring major changes to the structure of the base station, and the usage and unit price of the telecommunication PCBs are expected to increase substantially. In the 4G era, a standard macro base station is mainly composed of a baseband unit (BBU), a radio processing unit...

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Something you should know about PCBs

Many people may ask what PCBs means, what it is and how it is made and what they are used to, well, let me tell you a little bit more about PCBs First, PCB means an abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board, PWB(Printed wire board),also called electronic circuit board or printed circuits, it is a very important electronic element in the electronic industry, and It is also an indispensable electronic component or a carrier to achieve certain electronic functions. It is called printed circuit board because it is made by electronic printing, almost all companies that produce electronic equipment and electronic devices require and need printed circuit board , which are used as a carrier to fix electronic components and reach the electronic functions they want, so printed circuit boards are the world's most marketed electronic component products PCB is classified according to the number of circuit layers and usually we divide them into single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer PCBs. Common multi-layer boards are...

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Huawei disclosed its first-quarter earnings report for the first time, and smartphone shipments exceeded 59 million units.

According to the report for the first quarter of 2019, Huawei's sales revenue was 177.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 39%, and the net profit margin was about 8%, a slight increase year-on-year. With the annual sales in 2017 and 2018 increasing by 15.7% and 19.5% respectively, the revenue growth in the first quarter of 2019 can be said to have achieved a good start and maintained a slight increase in profit margin. Huawei continues to show a relatively healthy revenue and profit situation. According to market research firm IDC, Huawei's smartphone shipments reached 206 million units in 2018. At the Shanghai AWE 2019 conference held in March this year, Huawei's consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong said that in 2019, Huawei's smartphone sales target is 250 million to 260 million units, which is expected to surpass Apple and challenge the status of Samsung's long-term market share Considering that the first quarter is the off-season of mobile phone sales, the brand's shipments in...

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Intel announced its withdrawal from 5G smartphone modem business

Intel said on Tuesday that it will withdraw from the 5G smartphone market. Just a few hours ago, Qualcomm and Apple announced a six-year licensing agreement as part of a patent royalty settlement agreement. Intel said in a statement later Tuesday: "The company will continue to fulfill its commitment to the existing 4G smartphone modem product line, but it is not expected to launch 5G modem products in the smart phone field, including products originally planned for launch in 2020. "" After the announcement, Intel shares rose about 4% in after-hours trading to $58.97. The company said it will provide more details about its plans in its April 25 earnings report. In January of this year, Intel appointed Robert Swan as CEO, ending the months of CEO search after Brian Kochic stepped down. As PC sales continue to decline, finding the right market for Intel will depend on Swan. The company said that in addition to exiting 5G smartphones, it is still evaluating...

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