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Introduction For The PCB Assembly Process Circuit Board Blister Cause

In the process of PCBA circuit board assembly, causing a large reason for the foaming of the circuit board surface is the problem of poor binding force, that is, the surface quality of the board, which contains two aspects: the cleanliness of the board; The problem of surface microscopic roughness (or surface energy). Basically, all […]

Introduction For The Function of Signal Isolation Technology in PCB Copy Board

In PCB copy boards, signal isolation technology is usually used in order to ensure that the components of the circuit board do not interfere with each other. Signal isolation technology allows analog or digital signals to be transmitted without the presence of barriers between the receiving end and the current connection across the transmission. This […]

Titotial For How To Choose Substrate for PCB design

(1) Different working frequencies of signals have different requirements for plates. (2) PCB working below 1GHz can choose FR4, low cost, multi-layer pressing plate technology is mature. If the signal input and output impedance is low (50 ohm), the transmission line characteristic impedance and the coupling between lines need to be strictly considered during wiring. […]

Rigid-Flex PCB Stucture

1. Symmetrical structure of the single flexible board   Conventional structure, with a single flexible board in the middle of the stack. Advantages: partial cover film pressing, good pressing bonding force, good process realization, good transparency, and uniformity of the inner layer. Good bending performance. 2. Laminating and stacking multiple flexible boards   The flexible […]