Automotive PCB Supplier-RCY ELECTRONIC : A brief introduction of FPC ( Flexible Printed Circuit )

1     Definition of Flexible Printed Circuit

FPC , fully name is Flexible Printed Circuit, also known as Flexible Printed Circuit board, is referred to flex pcb.

It is made by using a image pattern transfer and etching process on a flexible substrate surface to

form a conductor circuit pattern. However, we can divide FPC ( flex pcb )  into single-sided flex pcb , double-sided flex pcb

multi-layer  flex pcb and  flex-rigid pcb


2     Features of Flexible Printed Circuit

  1. FPC is short, we can shorten assembly time to eliminate the need for redundant cable connections
  2. FPC is small, flex pcb has smaller size than rigid pcb,which can effectively reduce the volume of products to increase the portability
  3. In addition, FPC is light,flex pcb has lighter weight than  rigid pcb,which can  reduce the weight of the final electronics
  4. What’s more, FPC is thin, flex pcb  has thinner thickness than normal rigid pcb,and thinness can improve softness and flexibility


3    Advantages of flexible circuit boards

Flexible printed circuit boards are printed circuits which is made of flexible insulating substrates.

And also, it has many advantages that are not available with rigid printed circuit boards

a) It can be free to bend, wind, fold 

and it can be arbitrarily arranged according to the spatial layout requirements,

and can be arbitrarily moved and expanded in three-dimensional space,

b) Additional, the use of FPC can greatly reduce the size and weight of electronic products,

c) However, FPC also has good heat dissipation and solderability, as well as easy assembly and low overall cost.

4    Applications of Flex PCB

In addition, flex PCB has been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communications,  digital cameras and other fields or products.



In the meanwhile, RCY ELECTRONIC  is able to produce flex pcb on its own factory for years

specialises in multilayer pcb, HDI pcb, and Flex pcb & rigid-flex pcb




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