Be sure you must know the factors that affect the PCB Manufacturing cost when designing a PCB

PCB layer number:

Generally, when the PCB Manufacturing area is the same, the more number of PCB layer is, the more expensive the PCB Manufacturing cost will be

PCB Size:

In the case of a certain number of PCB layers, the smaller size the PCB has, the lower PCB Manufacturing cost,On the contrary,the larger the size of the PCB, the higher the PCB Manufacturing cost

PCB Manufacturing difficulty:

The main parameters affecting PCB manufacturing cost are minimum line width, minimum line spacing, minimum drilling, etc.

However, if these parameters are set too small or the process capability has reached the minimum limit of the PCB factory, then PCB yield will be lower,and the PCB manufacturing cost will be increased

PCB base material:

There are many types of PCB base materials,such as FR4,composite substrate special substrate printed circuit boards, metal substrates, etc.

the better the material is , the high the PCB Manufacturing cost will be


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