PCB Board Price Analysis

The price of PCB is composed of the following factors: 1. The materials used in the PCB circuit board are different. Take ordinary double-sided boards as an example. Sheet materials generally include FR-4, CEM-3, etc., with thicknesses ranging from 0.6mm to 3.0mm, and copper thicknesses ranging from ½ Oz to 3 Oz. In terms of solder mask […]

What is FPC circuit board?

Circuit boards play an essential role in the electronics industry. This is because they are widely used to play various roles in devices such as computers, televisions, and power systems. Printed circuit boards consist of conductive tracks that interconnect components on the board. They include potentiometers, resistors, capacitors, and switches with various voltage or current levels. They are also typically […]

Production Difficulties of Multilayer PCB Prototyping

Multilayer PCBs are used as the “core force” in the fields of communications, medical treatment, industrial control, security, automobiles, electric power, aviation, military industry, and computer peripherals. Product functions are getting higher and higher, and PCBs are getting more and more sophisticated, so relative to the difficulty of production also getting bigger. 1. Difficulties in Making […]

How to Choose The Quality of PCB Prototyping

PCB prototyping refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production. The main application is the process of electronic engineers designing the circuit and completing the PCB layout, and then conducting small batch trial production to the factory, which is PCB prototyping. The production quantity of PCB prototyping generally has no specific boundaries. […]

Discussion and Analysis of PCB Testing Application Equipment

Among the applications of image measuring instruments, there is an application that we have been exposed to a lot but not mentioned above, and that is PCB detection. The application of the two-dimensional image measuring instrument to PCB testing can be mainly divided into two aspects. First of all, in the PCB industry, the two-dimensional image […]

RS extends Design and Manufacturing Solutions offering with new Eurocircuits partnership

RS Components (RS) has expanded its Design and Manufacturing Solutions offering by partnering with Eurocircuits – a specialist manufacturer and assembler of prototype and small series Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). This will give customers of RS even more choice with access to solutions that will help them in their digital transformation efforts – supporting engineers, […]

Circuit Board Immersion Gold Process

Generally, immersion gold treatment can be divided into these stages: pre-treatment (degreasing, micro-etching, activation, post-immersion), and post-treatment (washing waste gold, washing with DI water, and drying). It should be noted that in the chemical nickel-gold process, because there are small holes, water washing between each step is necessary, and special attention should be paid. Between […]