CAM software automation

Some of the industry-leading manufacturers are already enjoying the great benefits of process automation, such as production capacity improvement, data quality improvement, and training time shortening.

Why do we need to automate?

Why CAM can’t meet all needs of the automation function that we only need to push the right button to achieve auto-output? It’s easy to answer the questions. There is no one in the world who does the same thing in the same way. Every manufacturer has its own way to use the CAM system. For example, in the panel design, every manufacturer usually uses very different symbols, target holes, and legends, and places them on different areas of the board edge. That’s why CAM only offered basic functions and users need to expand the database when they used it.

The advantages of CAM automation:

Production capacity improvement. No matter how many layers of the PCB, automation can shorten the hour to three minutes for panel design.

Data quality improvement. All data will be processed in the same way.

Training time shortening. It is easy to train a new operator When most processes are automated. Working processes and working procedures are defined in the software, and operators can complete complex processes with a few decisions.