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Samsung will stop production of rigid-flex PCB at the end of the year

Samsung will stop production of rigid-flex boards at the end of the year and focus on IC substrates. According to Korean media reports, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has begun to reorganize its PCB business and plans to exit the RFPCB (rigid-flex PCB) business by the end of the year and focus on the production of IC substrates. […]

The rally of the PCB industry will continue

The price of wafer fabs and packaging and testing plants have increased, and now PCB (printed circuit board) factories are also increasing prices. The entire electronics manufacturing industry seems to be unable to get rid of the curse of price increases. Performance and price hikes fly together According to data released by the TPCA (Taiwan […]

Explain in detail about the challenges of 5G communication to PCB technology ( Part 2 )

THE CHALLENGES OF 5G COMMUNICATION TO PCB TECHNOLOGY 1 CHALLENGE TO PCB MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS A very clear direction for 5G PCB is high-frequency, high-speed materials and boards. In terms of high-frequency materials, it can be clearly seen that leading traditional PCB material manufacturers such as Lianmao, Shengyi, and Panasonic have begun to layout high-frequency PCB material […]

Explain in detail about the challenges of 5G communication to PCB technology ( Part 1)

CHINA PCB MARCHES INTO THE 5G ERA From 2010 to now, the growth rate of global PCB output has declined overall. On the one hand, the rapid upgrading of new terminal technology continues to impact low-end production capacity. the single and double-sided PCBs that were once at the top of the production value are gradually […]

PCB etching processing and processing control

The process of printing a circuit board, from a bare board to displaying a circuit pattern, is a relatively complex process of physical and chemical reactions. This article analyzes the final step-etching processing. Currently, the typical process for, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, is “graphic plating”. That is, firstly, a layer of lead-tin resist is […]

PCB shortage: Materials are getting more expensive

PCB Materials are getting more and more expensive. April. 2021  Source: Elektronik PRAXIS The circuit board is mainly composed of copper, resin, and glass fiber. These ingredients are becoming scarcer and therefore more expensive. What is going on, what can you do now? The printed circuit board industry has only a few suppliers for each […]

Rigid flex Board: Control Points Analysis of Design and Production

Preface Rigid-flex board is a new type of printed circuit board that has both the durability of rigid PCB and the adaptability of flexible PCB. Among all types of PCBs, the combination of rigid and flexible is the strongest resistance to harsh application environments. Favored by manufacturers of medical and military equipment, Chinese companies are […]

The development trend of PCB technology

PCB products, whether rigid PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, multi-layer PCB, and module substrates for IC package substrates, make a significant contribution to high-end electronic equipment. PCB industry plays an important role in electronic interconnection technology. This article makes the following analysis on the current development trend of PCB technology: 1. Development towards the road […]