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Why PCB Design Software is Proving So Vital to Modern Circuit Board Ingenuity

Printed circuit board (PCB) design software is a remarkable tool when it comes to designing PCB for electronic devices. By using the PCB design software, an engineer not only addresses issues associated with power integrity and signal, but is also able to modify and improve the entire circuit structure. PCB design software can be easily […]

The advantage of robot in PCB industry

Like the automobile industry and other manufacturing industries, industrial robots have brought many advantages to enterprises in the PCB industry. 1.Reduce the use of work, speed up the pace of work, improve work efficiency. 2.Improve operation precision and product quality. 3.To avoid the potential threat to the health and safety of workers from the operating […]

What is wave soldering?

Wave soldering is to make the solder side of the PCB directly contact with high temperature liquid tin for welding purposes,its high temperature liquid tin maintains an inclined surface, and a special device makes liquid tin form a wavy phenomenon, so it is called “wave soldering”,its main material is soldering tin bar. Wave soldering is […]

Research on China’s PCB Industry Market Prospects in 2019(Part two)

Printed circuit boards can be generally divided into rigid circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, metal-based circuit boards, HD boards PCB industry overview PCB is an important electronic component, mainly composed of two kinds of materials: insulating substrate and conductor, which plays a role of support and interconnection in electronic equipment. The main advantages of using […]

The popularity of automotive electronics will drive the demands and price of automotive PCBs to rise

New energy vehicles and smart driving components will greatly enhance the value of automotive PCBs In recent years, the trend of electrification and the electronification of automobiles has become more apparent. As the backbone of electronic products, the importance of PCB manufacturing in the automotive supply chain is also increasing. Compared with the traditional fuel […]

5G is expected to greatly increase the demands of PCBs in telecommunication electronics

Telecommunication electronics is the most important downstream application area of the PCB industry, According to data from Prismark , telecommunication electronics accounted for 27.30% of the total output value of PCB in 2017, which is the biggest application field of the PCB industry. PCBs has a wide range of applications in wireless networks, transmission networks, […]

Huawei disclosed its first-quarter earnings report for the first time, and smartphone shipments exceeded 59 million units.

  According to the report for the first quarter of 2019, Huawei’s sales revenue was 177.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 39%, and the net profit margin was about 8%, a slight increase year-on-year. With the annual sales in 2017 and 2018 increasing by 15.7% and 19.5% respectively, the revenue growth in the first […]

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Announces the use of Huawei equipment to build 5G

  The United Arab Emirates said on Tuesday that it will use Huawei’s equipment to build a new high-speed wireless network, despite pressure from the US to avoid Huawei’s products. The news was announced at an important European trade conference, which is another blow to US officials convincing countries to restrict the use of Huawei […]

Analysis of the FPC business development of smart phone

Flexible printed circuit (FPC) is extensively used in smartphones to connect parts and motherboards, such as display modules, fingerprint modules, camera modules, antennas, vibrators, etc. With the continuous penetration of fingerprint recognition, the upgrade of the camera to dual-camera, and the use of OLED, FPC usage in smartphones will continue to increase. With the gradual […]

China has become the world’s largest PCB Producer

Under the overall trend of the global PCB industry shift to Asia, China, as a major electronics manufacturing country, has attracted a large number of foreign and local PCB companies to invest in a huge domestic demand market and relatively low production costs and promoted the Chinese PCB industry in just a few years. Explosive […]