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Smart wearable devices promote market demand for rigid flex PCB

Rigid flex PCB is the combination of the flexible circuit board and the rigid circuit board. After pressing and other processes, they are combined according to relevant process requirements to form a circuit board with FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics. It can be used in some products with special requirements. It has both a certain […]

FPCB and Rigid Flex PCB hold new opportunities in the future of the global PCB industry

With the vigorous development of electronic technology, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are not only an important role in the supply chain, but also one of the important industries today. Even with the impact of the COVID-19, the supply of upstream materials related to circuit boards was once affected by the suspension of work. In the […]

Development trends of Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Since its inception in the 1960s, surface mount technology (SMT) has entered a fully mature stage after more than 40 years of development. It has not only become the mainstream of contemporary circuit assembly technology but also continues to develop in-depth. General development trends of surface mount technology The components are getting smaller and smaller, […]

Rigid flex PCB Manufacturing and Material Selection

With the birth and development of FPC and PCB, a new product Rigid Flex PCB was born. The rigid flex board is a circuit board with FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics, which is formed by combining the flexible circuit board and the rigid circuit board according to the relevant process requirements, and through processes such […]

The current development of Chinese PCB design automation technology

With the establishment of China’s leading position in the field of 5G technology, the pace of 5G empowering traditional and emerging industries and illuminating the future of life is getting faster and faster. This has aroused the concerns and doubts of the U.S. government and started to implement technology cut-offs for upstream companies in the […]

BH will provide more than half of the RFPCB for next-generation iPhone

According to recent news from South Korean media, benefiting from Samsung’s exit plan, South Korean circuit board manufacturer BH will provide more than half of the rigid-flex PCB (RFPCB) for Apple’s next-generation iPhone to be launched later this year. BH will provide 50% of the circuit boards, while Samsung Electro-Mechanics will provide 30%. Youngpoong Electronics […]

High speed PCB design – 6 key points

In high speed PCB design, we often encounter various problems, such as impedance matching, EMI rules, etc. This article has compiled some key questions and answers related to high-speed PCB design for everyone, and we hope it will be helpful to our readers. 1. How to consider impedance matching when designing high-speed PCB schematics? When […]