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Why choose us?

RCY, founded in 2000, is a one-stop PCB manufacturer with more than 20 years of PCB production experience and leading process capabilities in PCB, rigid-flex PCB, and some special PCBs. 1. Control the quality from the source by only using high-quality raw material. We only choose a top domestic and international brand such as SOLA,生益,联茂,台虹,KBand […]

Enterprise Development

1.RCY scale Shenzhen Renchuangyi (RCY PCB) Plant Area: 12,000 square meters Number of employees: 420 Factory positioning: rigid board, flexible and rigid board Product structure: small and medium batch Monthly production capacity: 38,000 square meters   Jiujiang Renchuangyi No.1 Factory (under construction) Plant Area: 40,000 square meters Number of employees: 400 Factory positioning: double-sided board/high-precision […]


Who is RCY? RCY, founded in 2000, is a one-stop PCB manufacturer with rich PCB production experience and leading process capabilities. We can produce PCB, flex PCB, rigid-flex PCB, and other special circuit boards. Our products are widely used in automotive, medical, consumer electronics, and other industries. As a Chinese national high-tech enterprise, we will […]

Shipping Method

1. Sample order For samples and urgent items, we generally ship by express mail. Our common express companies are: UPS, FedEx, DHL           2. Batch order For bulk orders, we generally will use FOB HK. That is, RCY ships the products to the Hong Kong port, and the subsequent process is […]

PCB Assembly Service

RCY is a professional PCB supplier. We have established cooperative relations with many PCBA factories and can provide customers with PCB production, SMT patch, PCBA services, and we can provide a one-stop PCB assembly service. Considering that there are many customers who want to undertake SMT services on the basis of PCB production. Committed to […]

Environment friendly

RCY is a green and environmentally friendly enterprise, abiding by environmental protection laws and regulations, saving energy and reducing waste, clean and safe production, continuous improvement, and creating a green factory. In accordance with ISO14001 international environmental certification standards, organize production and carry out environmental protection mechanism construction. Comply with environmental regulations, promoting energy-saving and […]