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Rigid flex Board: Control Points Analysis of Design and Production

Preface Rigid-flex board is a new type of printed circuit board that has both the durability of rigid PCB and the adaptability of flexible PCB. Among all types of PCBs, the combination of rigid and flexible is the strongest resistance to harsh application environments. Favored by manufacturers of medical and military equipment, Chinese companies are […]

The development trend of PCB technology

PCB products, whether rigid PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, multi-layer PCB, and module substrates for IC package substrates, make a significant contribution to high-end electronic equipment. PCB industry plays an important role in electronic interconnection technology. This article makes the following analysis on the current development trend of PCB technology: 1. Development towards the road […]

RCY PCB – Company Song

Song of RCY PCB – Benevolence Cross the World Profession, Patience, Focus. To serve our customers with heart. To offer high-quality products and services. To improve employees’ welfare package. To fulfill social responsibility. To strive to be the most reliable PCB manufacturer in the world. We provide our customers with excellent quality, competitive price, powerful […]

RCY PCB – Company Culture

Enterprise Spirit Benevolent & magnanimous. Innovate no limit. High tech.& exquisite.   Enterprise Value Attentive service to customers. Offering quick and quality products. Improving our welfare package. Creating benefits for the enterprise. To fulfill our social responsibility. To deliver excellence.   Enterprise Notion Customer-first. People-oriented.   Enterprise Vision To be the world’s most reliable PCB […]

RCY PCB – Company Honors

RCY PCB has been recognized by customers for its persistent pursuit of quality and service and has been rated as an excellent supplier by customers many times. Relying on the enterprising spirit of enterprise, RCY has won many honors many times, such as China’s top 100 Circuit Board Enterprises, Key Support Targets of Private Enterprises, […]

RCY PCB – Company History

2000 Shenzhen Renchuangyi Electronic Co., Ltd. (RCY PCB) was established in Nanshan, Shenzhen, mainly engaged in spray tin processing.   2001 Introduced the first lead spray tin machine from Taiwan Shangshuai.   2003 Acquired the facilities of the environmental protection sewage treatment station of Zhenghualong Circuit Co., Ltd. to expand the tin spraying capacity.   […]

RCY PCB – Company Profile

Shenzhen RenChuangYi Electronic Co., Ltd, also known as RCY PCB, was established in 2000. At first, it was a dedicated Tin-spraying factory and has a good reputation in the PCB industry in South China. In 2006, RCY invested a huge amount of money to introduce PCB full-process production. In just a few years, it has […]

A common question about prepreg thickness

Our customers could define the prepreg thickness and type in fabrication spec. If we do not have prepreg with the required thickness or types, we will make a very small change(by Engineering Query) to meet the layer stack-up and impedance requirements. Today our customer(Poland) told me that he is designing an 8 layer PCB that […]

How to choose material for layer stack-up of multilayer PCB?

When someone works on a multilayer PCB project, they have to calculate a stack-up for that PCB. Some of them may have some questions about how to choose material for layer stack-up of multilayer PCB. For example, using Isola 370HR for a 4L project assumed the finished board thickness is 1.6mm+/-10%, we can choose cores […]