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Surface treatment in PCB industry(OSP and flash gold)

2.Organic Solderability Preservatives(OSP) The general process of OSP process is: degreasing -> microcorrosion -> pickling -> pure water cleaning -> OSP coating -> cleaning.The process control is relatively easy to others. OSP is a process that meets the RoHS directive requirement for PCB surface finish. It has anti-oxidation, thermal shock and moisture resistance, which can […]

Surface treatment in PCB industry (HAL and LFHAL)

With the continuous improvement of the living environment, the environmental issues involved in PCB production are getting more and more attention, especially Lead and Bromine. The basic purpose of PCB surface treatment is to ensure good weldability and electrical performance. Because the copper is unlikely to remain the original for a long time exposed in […]

A new type of headset can read ideas from your brain

Voice technology has always had a prominent problem: you will feel a bit strange with yourself when you talk to someone. However, technology continues to rise under the people’s demands, people have less self-awareness of their machines when they in conversations. Any non-language device is an inevitable trend, it accomplishes work in a similar manner, […]

Layer stack-up design tutoria

Since RCYPCB started to offer Multilayers PCB service, many customers usually ask us how to design a suitable layer stack-up for the boards. Let’s briefly give a tutorial for layer stack-up design. Firstly, we will expound on what the layer stack-up is. The high-speed development of electronics has been promoted the PCBs towards micronation, lightweight, […]

PCB factory Trident Q2 revenue hits a high record

Thailand’s second-largest PCB maker Trident publishes an announcement in June, new orders and new customers continue to inject, coupled with ongoing new PCB factory capacity out, monthly revenue soared high, reaching 641 million yuan. The monthly increases 5.6% annual growth of 25.2%, the new high record for a single month, the cumulative second-quarter revenue will […]

Flex PCB and Rigid-flex PCB

Flexible PCB or FPC is a patterned arrangement of printed circuitry and components that utilizes flexible-based material with or without flexible coverlay. These flexible electronic assemblies may be fabricated using the same components used for rigid printed circuit boards, but allowing the board to conform to the desired shape (flex) during its application. Rigid-flex PCBs […]

Application of Plasma Surface Pretreatment in PCB Manufacture Process

China plays an important role in PCB manufacturing in the world. In recent years, the global status of PCB manufacturing has tremendous change, and most PCB manufacturing has transferred to Asia, especially China. China has become the main PCB supplier of the world. In the premise that electronic products tend to be more complex, the […]

How to solve the cycle watermarks around the plating hole?

How to solve the cycle watermarks around the plating hole? Phenomenon: Single side or double side, every hole, hole’s periphery, watermark, like any water remain after naturally dried. Possible reason and solution: Some people called this phenomenon fisheye, this phenomenon is in relation to the Chlorine content. If there is an absolute watermark, it may […]

Impedance matching in hi-tech PCB

Electronics engineers often encounter impedance matching problems. What the impedance matching is and why we do impedance matching? This article takes you to find out! In electronics, the blocking effect on the circuit is often referred to as impedance. Impedance’s unit is ohms, commonly referred to as Z, Z= R+i[ωL–1/(ωC)]. Impedance could adjust the load […]