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How to solve the cycle watermarks around the plating hole?

How to solve the cycle watermarks around the plating hole? Phenomenon: Single side or double side, every hole, hole’s periphery, watermark, like any water remain after naturally dried. Possible reason and solution: Some people called this phenomenon fisheye, this phenomenon is in relation to the Chlorine content. If there is an absolute watermark, it may […]

Impedance matching in hi-tech PCB

Electronics engineers often encounter impedance matching problems. What the impedance matching is and why we do impedance matching? This article takes you to find out! In electronics, the blocking effect on the circuit is often referred to as impedance. Impedance’s unit is ohms, commonly referred to as Z, Z= R+i[ωL–1/(ωC)]. Impedance could adjust the load […]

The base material selection for High Speed PCB

One of our customers from Europe, they always design and purchase PCB from RCY PCB company. Last week I received an email from this customer, their engineer planed to design a High-speed project, but they don’t know how to choose the base material. This also no wonder, because they focus on some normal projects in […]

Why to do mixed surface treatment?

First of all, let’s take a look at this example of case,the context is that there was a project with BGA balls, but the BGA balls were peeled off in the thermal shock. We reviewed all production records and inspection results and excluded the possibility of everything except the reason of gold thickness.The good thickness […]

Castellated Hole PCB

The higher level of plated edges is the so-called half-hole technology for printed circuits, also named Castellations PCB or Castellated-Hole-PCB. Plated drills are cut in half on the outline of the PCB so that the shape appears like a stamp. Sounds simple but requires multiple additional processes and careful production planning during the CAM layout […]

Why PCB Design Software is Proving So Vital to Modern Circuit Board Ingenuity

Printed circuit board (PCB) design software is a remarkable tool when it comes to designing PCB for electronic devices. By using the PCB design software, an engineer not only addresses issues associated with power integrity and signal, but is also able to modify and improve the entire circuit structure. PCB design software can be easily […]

The advantage of robot in PCB industry

Like the automobile industry and other manufacturing industries, industrial robots have brought many advantages to enterprises in the PCB industry. 1.Reduce the use of work, speed up the pace of work, improve work efficiency. 2.Improve operation precision and product quality. 3.To avoid the potential threat to the health and safety of workers from the operating […]