RCY ELECTRONIC : Price of Epoxy Resin rises soaringly

According to the data, the market price of  epoxy resin  rose by October 21, and it rose by 3.37% compared with last Friday (October 18) It i s reported that domestic epoxy resin prices have been on the rise since 2019. From September to October, the industrial demands of epoxy resin  reaches at the seasons's peak and prices have soared Recently, several large factories in Jiangsu have raised their prices by RMB 500/ton. However, due to the excessive procurement in the downstream,four to five large factories stopped receiving orders or limited orders and some closed factories took care of the special needs of individual enterprises. The price increase has reached 1,000 yuan / ton In addition, it seems that this week's mainstream price increase of 1000-1500 yuan / ton is possible Insiders analyzed that the unusually hot situation in the epoxy resin market is directly related to the rise in the price of upstream epichlorohydrin  ...

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RCY ELECTRONIC : What is the relationship between PCB and integrated circuit?

In electronics manufacturing industry,we often see printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuits (ICs). Therefore,many people are unclear about these two concepts. In fact, they are not so complicate Today we will sort out the difference between PCBs and integrated circuits Currently, printed circuit boards mainly consists of circuit, pattern, Dielectric, holes( through hole / via), Solder resistant / Solder Mask, Legend / Marking / Silk screen, Surface Finish (Surface Finish) and others However, an integrated circuit is a miniature electronic component or part, it is a Microelectronic structure which uses certain technical processing to  interconnect components such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, and inductors and layout ,which are required in a circuit In addition, an integrated circuit can b e produced on a small piece or pieces of semiconductor chip or dielectric substrate and then packaged in shell. It becomes a micro-structure with the required circuit function. And also all the components a r e structurally integrated making electronic components a big step...

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RCY ELECTRONIC : Development trend of PCB industry With Internet

The problems PCB manufacturing companies are Facing As we all know,PCB manufacturing industry is a high pollution, high energy consumption, high investment, and labor-intensive industry.During the transformation period, PCB manufacturing enterprises face many problems. In addition, in terms of environmental protection,due to the continuous improvement of the government's environmental protection requirements in recent years the policies formulated have become more and more stringent. It  has made the environmental protection pressure of the PCB enterprise increases day by day. However, in terms of cost, not only must we face the continuous rise of international raw material prices in a high inflation environment, but also face the sharp rise in wages brought by the implementation of the new labor law. Besides, with the appreciation of RMB in China, the rise of low-cost manufacturing in Southeast Asia and many other external factors, many low-end manufacturers in the PCB industry have even reached the end of life and death. What's more,  various cost control methods adopted by many PCB manufacturing...

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RCY ELECTRONIC : the Most suitable Layer Stack-up for 6-layer High-speed PCB boards

As is well-known, Multi-layer PCBs such as 6-layer circuit boards are widely used in the fields of medical devices, industrial control, and embedded systems. It requires High frequency and High-speed PCB boards to meet the needs in these fields However, we will always encounter some problems when designing the pcb Layer Stack-up for Multi-layer PCBs, like 6 Layers PCB of High-speed. Today, let's talk about the Layer Stack-up that used in 6 Layers PCBs Common layer Stack-up First of all, we will introduce the common layer Stack-up that PCB circuit board factory uses mostly However, this structure i s used for ordinary PCB boards without high-speed signals.   Structure 1: Top-GND-Siganl_1-Siganl_2-VCC-Bottom the GND layer and power layer effectively shield the Top layer from the Siganl_1, Bottom layer to the Siganl_2 interference. In addition, more than 20 mils between Siganl_1 and Siganl_2 reduces crosstalk between the two signal layers.   Structure 2: Top-Siganl_1-GND-VCC-Siganl_2-Bottom In this PCB layer Stack-up ,the GND layer and the power layer are fully coupled The signal layer between the Top layer and the Siganl_1/Siganl_2 to Bottom layer is relatively prone to crosstalk, And...

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RCY ELECTRONIC : Production process of halogen free PCB board

As we all know, PCB has halogen and halogen free two types, there are halogen PCB board production flow we introduced before. However, today let's talk about the halogen free PCB board and its manufacturing process flow 1. Lamination Lamination parameters may vary from company to plate. For example, the ShengYi raw material of  as the multi-layer board mentioned before In order to ensure the sufficient flow of the resin and good bonding force, we must require the lower heating rate of the sheet (1.0-1.5 ° C / min) and the multi-stage. In addition, It also require the Multi-stage Pressure matching and in the high temperature phase a longer time 180 ° C for more than 50 minutes during manufacturing of halogen free PCB board The pressed plate was used to detect the bonding force between the copper foil and the substrate being 1.ON/mm   2 Drilling processability Drilling conditions are an important parameter that directly affects the quality of the hole wall of the PCB during processing. What's more, ...

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RCY ELECTRONIC : Technical requirements you must know for PCB base material

In recent years, the PCB market has shifted from computers to communications,including base stations, servers, and mobile terminals. In addition,mobile communication devices represented by smart phones have driven PCBs toward higher density, thinner, and higher multi-functions. And also, the manufacturing technology of printed circuit board is inseparable from substrate materials, which also involves the technical requirements of PCB base material   1 Requirements of high frequency and high speed Electronic communication technology ranges from wired to wireless, from low frequency, low speed to high frequency and high speed. Now the performance of mobile phones has entered 4G and will move towards 5G,which means faster transmission speed and larger transmission capacity. What's more,the arrival of the global cloud computing era has doubled the data traffic,and the requirements of high-speed and high-speed for communication equipment is an inevitable trend. In order to meet the PCB requirements for high frequency and high speed transmission needs In addition to reducing signal interference and loss in...

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RCY ELECTRONIC : What are the specific types of PCB Materials ?

printed circuit boards must be fire & flame resistant and can not burn at a certain temperature the temperature point at this time called the glass transition temperature (TG value) which is related to the dimensional stability of the PCB. So, what is a high Tg PCB board? And the advantages of using high Tg PCB ? Okay, let's talk about this today. High Tg printed circuit boards are PCB when the temperature rises to a certain area, the substrate will change from "glass state" to "rubber state" However,the temperature at this time is referred to as the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the plate That is, Tg is the highest temperature at which the substrate remains rigid. What specific types of PCB material  are there? According to the grade level and standards, we can divide PCB Materials as follows: 94HB - 94VO - 22F - CEM-1 - CEM-3 - FR-4 The details are as follows: 94HB: ordinary cardboard, not fireproof (the most cheap material,  die...

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RCY ELECTRONIC : How to judge the quality of PCB board?

1  Distinguish the quality from the pcb appearance Under normal circumstances,  we can analyze and judge the appearance of PCB circuit board through following three aspects. 1)     Standard rules for size and thickness. The thickness of the board to the standard board is different, and the customer can measure and check the thickness and specifications according to their own products. 2)  Light and color The external circuit board has ink coverage on the surface of pcb board, which can play the role of insulation for the circuit board However, if the pcb board has no bright color and the reflective light is poor, we can say that there is less ink on the pcb board. So, the board itself is not good 3)  The appearance of the welding Due to the large number of components and parts on the pcb board. But, if the welding is not good, which will cause components and parts easy to fall off. What's more, poor welding  seriously affects the  quality of the...

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RCY ELECTRONIC : China has become the largest PCB industry base in the World

PCB has a wide range of applications and is currently welcoming the industry boom period. Globally,the supply side is strained due to various reasons, resulting in an imbalance between supply and demand.  Global PCB Output has Shifted   From 2009 to 2016, the growth rate of PCB output value in China is leading the world In the past eight years, the growth rate of output value in mainland China is basically higher than that in the world and other regions. Undoubtedly, mainland China has become the fastest growing region of PCB industry. In addition, the 5G construction demand will drive much room for growth in PCB According to industry insiders, with the advent of the 5G era, major changes will occur in the fields of communications consumer electronics and automotive electronics, which will drive the development of the corresponding PCB industry. Communication field: The 5G base station has features of high frequency and high speed What's more, it needs to adopt a...

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RCY ELECTRONIC : Substrate-based PCB technology

Substrate type PCB technology Under the general trend of thinner and lighter smartphones,the internal space of mobile phones is getting smaller and smaller. And also, the competition for internal space of various components inside mobile phones is becoming more and more fierce. Relatively speaking,it is more common to provide space for other mobile phone components by reducing the battery capacity. Therefore, the space reserved for the battery inside the mobile phone is also shrinking, but the subsequent battery life problem has become one of the  big troubles for mobile phone manufacturers. Under the premise that the battery technology has not achieved breakthrough progress it is the most simple and effective method to increase battery life in order to increase more power for mobile phones substrate-based PCB technology However, the traditional PCB technology is to design circuit connection wires and mounting holes on the printed board After the leads of the traditional components a r e pass e d through the...

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