The merits and demerits of common surface treatment in PCB industry(HAL and LFHAL)

With the continuous improvement of the living environment, the environmental issues involved in PCB production are getting more and more attention,especially Lead and Bromine. The basic purpose of PCB surface treatment is to ensure good weldability and electrical performance.Because the copper is unlikely to remain the original for a long time exposed in the air, so the copper surface needs to be treated to avoid oxidized. Now there are many PCB surface treatment typies application, the common typies are HAL/LF-HAL, OSP, flsh gold, hard gold, immersion tin, immersion silver,ENEPIG and so on. Let's check them out! 1.Hot air level and Lead free hot air level The general process of HAL/LF-HAL process is: microerosion --- preheating --- coating flux --- HAL/LF-HAL --- cleaning. Hot air leveling is the process of coating molten tin solder on PCB surface and heating compressed air,to form a coating of both anti-oxidation and good weldable on the copper surface. HAL/LF-HAL is divided...

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A new type of headset that can read the ideas from your brain

The voice technology has always had a prominent problem:you will feel a bit strange with yourself when you talk to someone.However,the technology is continue rising under the people's demands,people have less self-awareness of their machines when they in conversations.  Any non-language device is an inevitable trend,it accomplishes work in a similar manner,but not in dialogues.A team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been studying such a device,but we must admit that hardware design does not completely remove the entire self-awareness.  AlterEgo is a head-worn or jaw-mounted device that could read neuromuscular signals through a built-in electrode.As MIT said,this hardware can read the ideas from people's brain.  Master Arnav Kapur said in an interview:"The initial motivation for this idea is to create an IA device——an intelligent enhancement device.Our idea is that Is it possible to have an internal computing platform that can connect humans and computers in some ways and let...

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Layer stack-up design tutorial

Since Shenzhen Renchuangyi Electronic Co., Ltd(shourt name RCYPCB) always offers Multilayers PCB service,many of customers usually ask us how to design a suitable layer stack-up for the boards. We think that it is time to write a tutorial for layer stack-up design. Firstly,we will expound what the layer stack-up is. The high speed development of electronics has been promoted the PCBs towards to micromation,light weight, high frequency and longer lifetime, which results in the prevalent trend of multilayer PCBs,so it leads out the concept of stack-up. Layer stack-up refers to the arrangement of signal layers,prepreg layers and base core that make up a construction of PCB layout design. A construction of PCB stack-up design bring to many advantages: 1)A suitable layer stack-up can help customer optimize their product's external noise and reduce resistance. 2)A suitable layer stack-up can also help customer to save costs and improve production efficiency. 3)A suitable...

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PCB factory Trident Q2 revenue hits a new high record

Thailand's second largest PCB maker Trident publishes announcement in June, new orders and new customers continue to inject, coupled with ongoing new pcb factory capacity out, monthly revenue soared high, reaching 641 million yuan, the monthly increase 5.6% annual growth of 25.2%, the new high record for single month, the cumulative second quarter revenue will be 1.835 billion yuan, also simultaneously record high single quarter, annual growth of 12.1% to the current growth rate, the third quarter coupled with traditional season, the third quarter is expected to challenge corporate estimated monthly and single-season high, full-year revenue growth of more than 20 percent. Currently Trident has received huge orders from Japanese consumer customers, most of them are 6 and above layers PCB, and begin to ship this season, inject new growth momentum, in addition to the existing product line of new customers, with the third quarter traditional shipping season, for the third...

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Flex PCB & Rigid-flex PCB

Flexible PCB or FPC is a patterned arrangement of printed circuitry and components that utilizes flexible based material with or without flexible coverlay. These flexible electronic assemblies may be fabricated using the same components used for rigid printed circuit boards, but allowing the board to conform to a desired shape (flex) during its application. Rigid-flex PCB are the electronic boards using a combination of flexible and rigid PCB board technologies in an application, Most rigid flex PCB consist of multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates attached to one or more rigid boards externally and/or internally, depending upon the design of the application. Rigid flex design doesn't just maximize space and weight but greatly improves reliability. Flexible circuit and Rigid flex circuit are used extensively in applications and industries including: ● Communicatio ● Industrial ● Consumer Electronic ● Aerospace ● Automotive ● Military ● Medical ● Transportatio With a large number of investments on the facilities of flexible printed circuit board and...

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Application of Plasma Surface Pretreatment in PCB Manufacture Process

China plays an important role in the PCB manufacturing in the word. In recent years, the global status of PCB manufacting has a tremendous change, and most PCB manufacturing has transferred to Asia,especially China. China has become to a main PCB supplier of the word. In the premise that electronic products tend to be more complex,the precision and quality requirements of PCB are also more strict. With the popularization of Plasma surface treatment technology, the PCB manufacturing technology has been innovated greatly.The main functions of Plasma are as following: Hole wall erosion,scraps removing. Plasma is good for obtaining a better roughness of the hole wall and helpful for the metallization of the hole. PTFE material activation treatment. Plasma is easy to operate and keep stable/reliable quality,it's suitable for mass production very much. Carbide removing. Plasma is useful to remove drilling dirts,especially for comolex resin material and micro via. The Carbide is produced by laser drilling,it must...

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How to handle surplus or failed plating additives?

Many of plating liquid are appended with additives,they will produce any analyte when the time out, it is bad for the plating,so we must be cleaned the plating tanks in a fixed cycle. If the pating surface is too light,the dispersion ability is often not so good,and it's easy to cause surface peel off,even caused broken when under the high voltage. Some operators did what they did according to the process requirements, but they did not catch the key point. The key point should be treated with hydrogen peroxide first, then heated(not heating the plating liquid first), and then added with any activated carbide. When there are many organic impurities, potassium permanganate is used for treatment. At this time should adjust the pH value of 3, and then heated to 60 ~ 80 °C, add the previously dissolved potassium permanganate, the amount of 0.3 ~ 1.59 / L or less, after...

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How to solve the cycle watermarks around the plating hole?

Phenomenon: Single side or double side,every hole,hole's periphery,watermark,likes any water remain after naturally dried. Possible reason and solution: Some people called this phenomenon as fisheye,this phenomenon is in relation to the Chlorine content. If there is absolute watermark,it maybe apply for an imperfect water clean before baking,the remained water in the holes were very easy to flow on the copper surface,so the watermark arose in the baking process. This phenomenon is particularly likely to occur with small holes or deep holes. The water marks should be teardrops rather than concentric circles, and the edge hole will also have some traces of floating water droplets caused by drying. This phenomenon will be improved by washing.   China PCB manufacturer factory supplier, printed circuit board, rigid PCB, flex-rigid PCB, Asia PCB,Chinese PCB, China PCB-Fabrik,Китайская фабрика печатных плат, Kiina PCB-tehdas, China fábrica de PCB,Çin PCB fabrikası, סין מפעל PCB ...

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Impedance matching in hi-tech PCB

The electronics engineers often encounter impedance matching problems. What the impedance matching is and why we do impedance matching? This article takes you to find out! In electronics, the blocking effect on the circuit is often referred to as impedance. Impedance's unit is ohms, commonly referred to as Z,Z= R+i[ωL–1/(ωC)]. Impedance could adjust the load power and suppress signal reflection. There are two main methods for impedance matching. One is to change the resistance of the group and the other is to adjust the transmission line.Impedance matching is very important in circuit design and can effectively improve product performance and product life. RcyPCB is a professional PCB manufacturer in China,we can offer rigid PCB and flex-rigid PCB up to 26 layers,including prototype service and mass production.What's more,as a trusted China PCB manufacturer,we can support you the hi-tech PCB with impedance,but without any additional costs. China PCB manufacturer factory supplier, printed circuit board, rigid PCB,...

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The base material selection for High Speed PCB

One of our customer from Europe,they always design and purchase PCB from RcyPCB company.Last week I received an email from this customer,thier engineer planed to design a High-speed project,but they don't know how to choose the base material.This also no wonder,because they focus on some normal projects in last several years,the High-speed design is a new thing for them.I think this is a typical question that worth to share with more people,maybe someone is in needed. We usually select the high speed material depend on the Df value: The material Df 0.01 to 0.005 is suitable for 10GB/s digital circuits; The material Df 0.005 to 0.003 is suitable for 25GB/s digital circuits; The material Df under 0.0015 is suitable for 50GB/s or above digital circuits. The common high speed materials as below: 1)Rogers: RO4003,RO3003,RO4350,RO5880… 2)TUC: TU862,872SLK,883,933 … 3)Panasonic: Megtron4,Megtron6,Megtron7… 4)Isola: FR408HR,IS620,IS680 … 5)Nelco: N4000-13,N4000-13EPSI … 6)Nanya: NPG-170D,NPG-171 … 7)ITEQ: IT-200LK,IT-150DA … 8)Shengyi,Taizhou Wangling… For example,transmiting 25GB/s,its fundamental frequency is 12.5GHz,the third resonance frequency is...

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