What is the PCB manufacturing process? ( Part 1)

 PCB, the Chinese name is called printed electronic boards, also known as printed circuit boards, is an important electronic component and a support for electronic components. However, in the production of electronic products, there will definitely be a production process of printed circuit boards.  In addition,Printed circuit boards are used in electronics in all industries,  it is the carrier that the electronic schematic can realize the design function, making the design into a physical product. The following pictures are  PCB bare board    The following pictures are PCB boards with components     Today, let's briefly talk about the process of PCB production Cutting->Dry Film->Exposure->Development->Etching->Drilling->PTH ->AOI->Solder mask-> Silkscreen->Surface treatment->Outline->E-Test->Packing->Shipping   Cutting: Cutting is to cut the CCL (Copper Clad Laminate ) into a panel that can be produced on the production line. However, we definitely can not cut it into small pieces,instead,we will cut the CCL into the PCB panel size   Dry Film: Sticking dry film and film is to apply a dry film on the copper clad plate....

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Technology | How to avoid the warp and twist of printed circuit board ?

One of the causes of  the printed circuit board warping is that the substrate (CCL) may be warped, but during the processing of the printed circuit board,the thermal stress, chemical influence, and improper production process may also cause  the warp and twist of printed circuit board. Therefore, for printed circuit board manufacturers, the first is to prevent the printed circuit board from warping during processing;and secondly, there should be a suitable and effective treatment method for PCB boards that have already appeared warp and twist First, prevent printed circuit boards from warping during processing 1) Prevent the PCB base material from being warped due to improper inventory Since the moisture absorption of copper clad laminate  (CCL) will increase the warping during storage, the moisture absorption area of single-side copper clad plate is very large,and the warpage of single-sided copper clad plate will increase significantly,Minimize the humidity of the warehouse and avoid the bare copper plate to avoid the warpage of the CCL...

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Technical 丨 PCB circuit board common reasons for copper wire off

In the PCB manufacturing process,we will often encounter  some common process defects,such as poor copper wire on the PCB circuit board (also known as PCB copper falling off),  which affects product quality. There are several common reasons for copper falling off on PCB However, the PCB circuit board Process Capability  factors: 1. Copper foil is excessively etched. The electrolytic copper foil used on the market is generally unilateral galvanized (commonly known as ash foil) and single-sided copper plating (commonly known as red foil). Moreover, PCB manufacturerPCB manufacturing companyPCB factoryPCB production plantChinese/Professional/ reliable / High quality with good / reasonable price High precision PCBHigh complexity PCBHigh frequency PCBProfessional/ reliable / High quality Manufacturer of High complexity PCB in China In addition,Manufacturer of High complexity PCB in China manufacturer of printed circuit boards in ChinaChinese/China’s PCB manufacturing service Flexible PCB Plant/ factory/manufactory/ producer/ manufacturerHDI PCBs Plant/ factory/manufactory/ producer/ manufacturer High precision printed circuit board factory/HDI PCB Factory in Shenzhen, China HDI PCB...

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explain in detail about the challenges of 5G communication to PCB technology ( Part 2 )

The challenges of 5G communication to PCB technology 1 Challenge to PCB Material requirements  A very clear direction for 5G PCB is high-frequency ,high-speed materials and boards. In terms of high-frequency materials, it can be clearly seen that leading traditional PCB material manufacturers such as Lianmao, Shengyi and Panasonic have begun to lay out high-frequency PCB material  and introduced a series of new materials,which will break the current situation of the Rogers family in the field of high-frequency panels. Therefore, localization of high frequency materials is an inevitable trend 2 Challenge to PCB design requirements  The selection of the material should meet the requirements of high frequency and high speed. In addition, the impedance matching, layer stack-up planning, trace width & spacing/pcb holes, etc. should meet the requirement of signal integrity, which can be from loss, embedding, high frequency phase ,/Amplitude, mixed pressure, heat dissipation, PIM on the pcb design 3 Challenge to PCB manufacturing process and technology The enhancement of the functions of 5G...

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explain in detail about the challenges of 5G communication to PCB technology ( Part 1)

China PCB marches into the 5G era From 2010 to now, the growth rate of global PCB output has declined overall. On the one hand, the rapid upgrading new terminal technology continues to impact low-end production capacity.the single and double-sided PCBs that were once at the top of the production value are gradually replaced by high-end production capacity such as multi-layer pcb board, HDI, FPC, and rigid-flex pcb board. On the other hand, the weak demand in the terminal market and the abnormal price increase of raw materials have also made the entire industry chain turbulent. PCB manufacturing companies are committed to reshaping their core competitiveness, from “winning by quantity” to “winning by quality” and “winning by technology” It is worthy of pride that under the background of global electronics market and global PCB output growth rate decline the annual growth rate of China's PCB output value is higher than the global, and the proportion...

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Experience on the related features of various PCB material series

Previously,I have mentioned the brand information of PCB material manufacturer(South Asia, Taiguang, SY, Lianmao, Tenghui, Taiyao, Hongren, Hezheng, KB, Isola) and so on. Now let's talk about the relevant characteristics of various series of PCB material today 1. Normal FR4 material: The Tg point is generally around 150 degrees, which belongs to the normal processing substrate, and there is no special material. 2. Halogen-free materials:there are added fillers in the board, the board is relatively hard and crisp,the processing needs to have corresponding parameters 3. LOW CTE material: the coefficient of thermal expansion is relatively low, but the reliability is better 4. High TG FR4  material: Tg point is relatively high, generally corresponding to 170 degrees or more, high hardness, difficult to process 5. Low DK material: an emerging material,DK value and DF value is relatively low,generally it is used in high-end products   ****** We are one of the most trusted PCB factories and Rigid-Flex PCB manufacturers in China. Specializing in the production...

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5G base station construction, high-speed development of new energy vehicles

At present, the automotive industry is repeating the development trend of the smart phone industry,which is from functional vehicles to smart and intelligent vehicles. On one hand, with a big sales growth in new energy vehicles, the degree of automotive electronics is constantly increasing. On the other hand. according to statistics, the cost of electronic devices used in vehicles has accounted for about 20% of the total cost of the whole vehicle,and the high-end vehicles have reached 50% or even 60%, while the cost of automotive electronics for pure electric vehicles has reached 65%. It is reported that in 2018, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 1.256 million units, an increase of 61.7% year-on-year. The sales volume of passenger vehicles was 1.01 million units, an increase of 83% year-on-year, higher than market expectations.With the rapid growth of new energy vehicle sales and the increasing degree of automotive electronization / automotive electronics,which will...

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5G commercial license, issued today!

CCTV News: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G commercial license today According to  Global Times reporters from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, at present, global 5G is entering a critical period of commercial deployment. And also insisting the combination of independent innovation and open cooperation, China's 5G industry has established a competitive advantage.Besides, 5G standard is a unified international standard, The standard required patents declared by China account for more than 30%. In the technical test phase, many foreign companies such as Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm and Intel have been deeply involved. With the joint efforts of all parties, China's 5G has a commercial foundation. After the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issues a 5G commercial license, China will officially enter the 5G commercial year. As always, we welcome domestic and foreign enterprises to actively participate in China's 5G network construction and application promotion, and share China's 5G development results.  ...

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Technology | Three Reasons for PCB Copper Peeling

The peeling of PCB copper wire  (also often referred to as copper falling off) means poor process in pcb manufacturing,  and the PCB factory said that it is a laminate problem, requiring its production plant to bear the losses. According to customer complaint handling experience, the common reasons for copper falling off in PCB factory are as follows:   First, the PCB factory process factors 1. Copper foil is excessively etched,The electrolytic copper foil used on the market is generally one-sided galvanized (commonly known as ash foil) and one-sided copper plating (commonly known as red foil).The common falling off copper  is generally galvanized copper of 70 um or more When the customer circuit is designed to pass through the etched line, if the copper foil specification is changed and the etching parameters are not changed, the residence time of the copper foil in the etching solution is too long.Because zinc is originally a lively metal, And also,when...

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International copper prices fell to low point this year, PCB industry prospects with conservative view

The international copper price spot price fell to 5,822 US dollars per metric ton in May, the second lowest this year. Besides, as far as the PCB industry is concerned, it shows a wait-and-see attitude towards demand in the second half of this year  and has a conservative view on inventory preparation. And also, the international copper price fell by 6.3% in May, and the latest offer fell to US$5,822 per metric ton, which is the second lowest this year, it has meaning or significance of two aspects. First, the global industry prospects is declining. On one hand, it caused infrastructure construction demand for  electric wires and cables to decline. On the other hand, it reflects the decline in the demand for related copper foil and copper foil substrates in the PCB industry or PCB factory. In addition,  the US-China trade war has deteriorated, and it caused market uncertainty to rise. However, even though, the PCB industry has responded cautiously to market changes   **********We are one of...

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