Why do PCB manufacturing companies need pcb publicity video ?

A good corporate video is first and foremost attractive. People can watch it naturally in a relaxed and pleasant way. The ultimate goal of all the videos is to sell the products. And also, only the ads that impress the customers can be successful! Good promo presentation methods include three aspects: clear focus, concise language and proper structure. In addition, the promotional videos of the PCB industry company needs to introduce the main business, products, enterprise scale and future prospects of the enterprise according to the characteristics and advantages of the PCB enterprise's own brand. Every PCB company needs a corporate video to achieve the purpose of improving brand influence, because Corporate video is a expression of dynamic art Based on the present, looking back on the past, looking forward to the future, to show the competitiveness and advantages, which is the core internal clue of publicity video for PCB manufacturing companies As a professional and trusted pcb manufacturer / pcb...

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Japan’s PCB industry is exhausted, and production has fallen for four consecutive months

Last year, in terms of the global PCB industry ranking, China's Mainland  squeezed Japan with a market share of 23% and jumped to the second place in the world. The first is still Taiwan, China, with a market share of 31.3%. It is understood that due to the global PCB manufacturing focus in Taiwan and Mainland of China, the output value of Japanese PCB manufacturing continues to be shortened. In the meanwhile, the Japanese PCB factory thinks about structural transformation, holding the attitude of Best-or-Nothings towards orders , On the other hand, Japanese PCB factory focus expansion on materials and equipment On May 28, according to the latest statistics released by Japan Electronics Packaging Circuits Association (JPCA), Japanese printed circuit board production in March 2019 fell 13.1% to 1.083 million square meters compared with the same month last year, PCB Yield shrank 9.6% to 37.427 billion yen ,which shows a decline on  fourth consecutive month   In terms of types,...

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A text to understand the difference between HDI PCB and common PCB

HDI PCB introduction HDI PCB board (High Ddensity Integration) , a high-density interconnect board, which is a circuit board with a relatively high density of line distribution using micro-blind hole embedding technology. The HDI PCB board has inner layer circuit and outer layer circuit, and then the processes of drilling and metallization inside the hole are used to realize the internal connection of each layer In addition, HDI PCB boards are generally manufactured by a layer-stacking method.The mor times the layers are stacked, the higher the technical grade of the board is When the density of the PCB increases beyond the eight-layer board, it is manufactured in HDI PCB, and the cost will be lower than that of the conventional complicated pcb manufacturing process. The HDI PCB board facilitates the use of advanced packaging technology,and its electrical performance and signal correctness are higher than traditional PCB. In addition, HDI PCB boards have better improvements for RF interference, electromagnetic...

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Application of Two dimensional image measuring instrument to PCB inspection

In the application of image measuring instrument, there is an application that we touch a lot but it is not mentioned above, that is application of Two dimensional image measuring instrument The application of the two dimensional image measuring instrument to PCB inspection can be divided into two main aspects: 1 First of all, in the PCB industry,two dimensional image measuring instrument is mainly used to measure the shape of high density PCB. Nowadays, the customer has strict requirements of the electrical performance,  and strict requirements has gradually moved towards the appearance of the PCB. The shape tolerance of PCB also tends to be strict by customers, in this case,two dimensional image measuring instrument can  be performed to meet customer's requirements for PCB appearance. What's more, many PCB manufacturers prefer a more sophisticated three-dimensional measuring instrument. 2 In addition, at the level where it is likely to expand, the image measuring instrument can also be used for the measurement of PCB film,  which...

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Technology丨How to judge the PCB Surface Mounting process by color?

1 Gold color The Gold color is the most expensive because it is the real gold Although there is only a thin layer,it also accounts for nearly 10% of the manufacturing cost of the pcb board The reason why gold is used has two purposes, one is to facilitate welding, and the other is to prevent corrosion. The gold-plated layer is widely used in component pads, gold fingers, connector shrapnel, etc. of the board. In addition,if you find that some pcb board surfaces are all silver color, it must be cut corners. The industry term is called "costdown." Mobile phone motherboards are mostly gold-plated boards and computer motherboards, stereos motherboards, and small digital product motherboards are generally not gold-plated.             2  Silver color Gold color is the real gold, so, silver  color is the real silver ? Of course not, it is tin. The silver-colored board is called a tin plate or HASL board Spraying a layer of tin on the outer layer of the...

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How to do layout when designing PCB?

On the one hand,the layout of electronic components are supposed to achieve the performance of the circuit, on the other hand,the layout of the electronic components must also be neat and tidy, easy to test. Besides,we should also consider the mechanical size of the pcb board, and the position of the socket, etc.Reasonable component layout is the basic premise for designing a high quality PCB. The requirements for component layout mainly include five aspects of installation, stress, heat, signal and appearance. 1. Installation Refers to a series of basic requirements for the installation of the pcb board into the chassis, the enclosure, and the slot in a specific application without causing interference such as space interference or short circuit and placing the specified connector in a specified position on the chassis or the box 2. Stress The printed circuit board should be able to withstand the various external forces and vibrations encountered during installation and operation.For this...

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Several tips you must know about PCB design / PCB layout !

Question 1  What should I pay attention to when laying out a  multi-layer printed circuit board ? When laying out the multi-layer pcb, because the power layer and the ground layer are the inner layer, be careful not to have a suspended ground plane or power plane. Also make sure that the vias hitting the ground are connected to the ground plane. Finally, some important signals are needed. Add some test points to facilitate measurement when debugging Question 2  How much influence does the through hole and blind hole have on the difference in signal? What is the principle of application? The use of blind holes or buried holes is an effective way to increase the density of the multilayer board, reduce the number of layers and the size of the board, and greatly reduce the number of plated through holes. However, in comparison, the through hole is well realized in the process and the cost is...

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Do you know the advantages of multi-layer PCB boards?

Multi-layer circuit boards are generally used in high-speed PCB design  and the multi-layer circuit board is actually made by several etched single or double circuit boards through laminating and bonding, Multi-layer PCB has many advantages over single and double-sided PCBs,especially in small-size electronic products. Today let's talk about the advantages of multi-layer boards,compared with single and double-sided PCBs 1) Multi-layer circuit boards have high assembly density and small size. With the size of electronic products getting smaller and smaller,higher requirements are put forward on the electrical properties of PCB and the demand for multi-layer printed circuit boards is also increasing 2)The use of multi-layer circuit boards facilitates wiring and layout, the wiring length is greatly shortened, and the wiring between electronic components is shortened, which also increases the speed of signal transmission. 3) For the high-frequency circuit, after adding the ground layer, the signal line will form a constant low impedance to the ground layer, the circuit impedance is...

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Development status of PCB market for Communication electronics

PCB is called "the mother of electronic system products". As the basic material of electronic products, PCB is occupied by a wide demand market. The downstream applications cover communication, computer, consumer electronics, industrial control medical, automotive electronics, aerospace, etc. Communication and computer are the largest application areas of PCB, accounting for more than 25% In the field of communication electronics, PCB is widely used in wireless networks, transmission networks, data communications, and fixed-line broadband. Related PCB products include backplanes, high-speed multilayer boards, high-frequency microwave boards, and multi-function metal substrates. PCB Application and Features of Communication electronics Single and double-sided PCBs, multi-layer PCB boards are still the main needs of communication equipment It is understood that the global PCB market of communications electronics in 2016 reached 14.799 billion US dollars, accounting for 27.3% of the total PCB output value .In 2014, benefiting from the construction of 4G base stations, the global PCB output value of communication...

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Research on China’s PCB Industry Market Prospects in 2019( Part three)

1.PCB industry market promotion factors At present, the application field of PCB covers almost all electronic products and is an indispensable basic component in modern electronic equipment. The electronic information industry is a strategic, basic and leading pillar industry of the national economy, and the development of the national economy and the country. Safety is of great strategic importance, so the government and industry authorities have introduced a series of industrial policies to support and encourage the PCB industry.   2 Analysis of major domestic enterprises Pengding Holdings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. Its main business income consists of three major segments, namely, communication boards, consumer electronics and computer boards, and others. In the first quarter of 2019, the financial report showed that the total operating income in the first quarter reached 4.237 billion yuan and the net profit reached 185 million yuan. 3 PCB industry development prospects Electronic information is a strategic pillar...

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