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PCB Shipment Inspection

RCY has implemented ISO9001, IATF16949, UL, and other internationally certified quality management standards to ensure the stability of product quality. And we promise that every circuit board produced by RCY PCB is in line with the standards above IPC-A-600H-2010.   FQC Check the appearance of the circuit board through AOI equipment or visual methods to […]

PCB production quality control

The control of the production site is the core part of the quality control of the circuit board. A scientific and reasonable manufacturing management system can effectively ensure the stability of quality. RCY conducts production site management from the following six aspects.   1.5S management 5S management, namely finishing (SEIRI), rectifying (SEITON), cleaning (SEISO), cleaning […]

PCB Supplier Management

High-quality raw materials are an important part of ensuring the quality of circuit boards. RCY’s supplier management system is very complete and reasonable. 1. We cooperate with first-class suppliers FR4&flex main material supplier KB\Shengyi, Taiwan South Asia, Isola, Doosan, DuPont Accessories supplier Changxing Dry Film, Baikal Potion, Jinzhou Drill, 3M, Sun Ink, Southern Copper Ball […]

PCB requirements transformation

The understanding of customer requirements is the most basic substitute for the circuit board factory to make products, and it is often a position that is easily overlooked. So how does RCY transform customer requirements? 1. Create a customer profile Process: customer review→on-site review→document review→customer’s request→establish a file After the customer has audited our factory […]

PCB Quality Control Structure

1. Quality Structure Diagram 2. How to implement it? 1) Identification and conversion of customer requirements Transform all customer requirements into operational requirements and measures within their respective business divisions. Train the executive department through the organization to implement customer requirements. 2) Supplier management The SQE department is responsible for systematic management of suppliers, providing […]