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PCB silkscreen specifications and requirements

PCB silkscreen specs and requirements 1. All components, mounting holes, and positioning holes have corresponding silkscreen marks. In order to facilitate the installation of the board, all components, mounting holes, and positioning holes have corresponding silkscreen marks. The mounting holes on the PCB use H1. H2…Hn for identification. 2. Silk-screen characters follow the principle of […]

Manufacturing process of super thick copper multilayer PCB

With the rapid development of power communication modules, 4-6OZ conventional thick copper has been difficult to meet its performance requirements, and the demand for super thick copper PCB of 10-12oz and above is getting higher and higher. This article is talking about 12oz super thick copper, a feasibility study was conducted on the production process […]

Advantages and disadvantages of FPC

The flexible board is a printed circuit interconnection structure built on a bendable ultra-thin substrate material. They can be bent into a three-dimensional (3D) structure, which cannot be achieved by a rigid board. Due to this flexibility, the flexible board has more advantages than other connection methods and is more suitable for electronic devices that […]

FPC applications

FPC FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) is a printed circuit board made of flexible copper clad laminate FCCL as the basic material. It has the advantages of a lightweight, thin thickness, small size, foldability, and high circuit density. It is widely used in smartphones, wearable devices, automotive electronics, medical equipment, industrial control equipment, and other modern […]

Why does material price increase have little effect on rigid flex PCB?

Starting in September 2020 and ending in July 2021, CCL(copper-clad laminates) has 7 rounds of price increases. Compared with last year’s low prices, the current prices of some products such as thick boards have doubled. This round of price increases is the largest increase in the PCB industry in the past 10 years. Rise! Rise! […]

Smart wearable devices promote market demand for rigid flex PCB

Rigid flex PCB is the combination of the flexible circuit board and the rigid circuit board. After pressing and other processes, they are combined according to relevant process requirements to form a circuit board with FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics. It can be used in some products with special requirements. It has both a certain […]