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RCY ELECTRONIC :Rigid-flex PCB new product release ( III )

1   Product picture display 2 Application:control mainboard/  industrial control Layer count: 6L Thickness: 0.9mm Copper Thickness: 1/2OZ Min. hole size: Laser via 0.1mm Surface finish: ENIG process difficulties: HDI,POFV process, multi-zone FPC opening technical Stack-up diagram:   3  Manufacturing flow: Main flow FCCL Cutting->Drilling->Inner circuit->Coverlay->Brown Oxide->Bonding->laminating ->Laser drilling->Hole PTH Outer circuit->Pattern PTH->Etching->solder mask->Mechanical cover-opening->Immersion gold->FPC UV […]

RCY ELECTRONIC :Rigid-flex PCB new product release ( II)

Short as RCY ELECTRONIC is a professional and trusted PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, specializes in multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, and rigid-flex PCB. 1   Product picture display 2 Application: industrial camera/Industrial control layer count:12L Thickness:1.6 mm Copper Thickness:1OZ(CU35/PI100) Min. hole size:0.2 mm Surface finish:ENIG process difficulty:metal groove on the side, high and multilayer Stackup 3  Manufacturing […]

RCY ELECTRONIC: Rigid-flex PCB new product release ( I )

1 PRODUCT PICTURE DISPLAY 2 PRODUCT FEATURES Application:Blue Tooth Earphone/Consumer Electronics Layer count: 6L Stack up:2R+2F+ 2R Thickness:0.8mm Copper Thickness:1/3mm Min. hole size:Blind Via 0.1mm Surface finish:ENIG process difficulty:HDI Stack-up diagram:   3  Manufacturing flow: Main flow FCCL Cutting->Drilling->Hole blacking->PTH->Inner circuit->Coverlay->FPC MASK->Brown Oxide->Bonding->laminating ->X-Ray drilling->Hole Plating->resin plug hole ->outer circuit->solder mask->rigid flex opening>Immersion gold->Bonding->FPC UV lasering->E-TEST>outline>FQC   […]

5G Will Bring Great Innovation In The Electronics Manufacturing Industry

With the deepening of the 5G commercial process, 5G technology will promote the huge development of mobile Internet, Internet of Things, 5G Technology Landing Project is an important policy of the Chinese government in 2019, which will drive the entire industry chain of upstream and downstream, 5G technology will promote a great development of related […]

Introduction of the welding method for PCB production process

Welding refers to the PCB manufacturing process and technology of joining metal or other thermoplastic materials by means of heating, high temperature, Welding refers to the manufacturing process and technology of joining metal or other thermoplastic materials by means of heating, high temperature, high pressure, and the like. Welding is a very important process in […]

Which PCB layout software is better to use?

It’s hard to choose the PCB layout software for anyone who never used such software, there are too many software for choosing. The international current popular of PCB layout softwares include Eagle, EasyEDA,Allegro,ORCAD,Kicad,PROTEL (Altium Designer),PADS (PowerPCB),gEDA… Depending on the usage of our customers, PROTEL (Altium Designer) is good for one or double layer PCB, it […]

The advantages of multilayer PCB

Multilayer circuit boards are generally used in high-speed PCB design. Multilayer circuit board is actually made by several etched single or double circuit boards through laminating and bonding, Multilayer PCB has many advantages over single and double-sided PCBs, especially in small-size electronic products. Today let’s talk about the advantages of multi-layer boards, compared with single […]