Color is really a matter in PCB design?

Too many people like to judge the good and bad of the board based on the color of the PCB,in fact, the color of the PCB is not directly related to its performance.The function of solder mask is to prevent the electrical components cause a wrong welding during welding process,and it also has another function that prevent welding components from oxidation and corrosion during use, and reduce the failure rate.

So what is the effect of solder mask color on PCB board? The ink colour has no effect on the finished product, but it has a great influence on the semi-finished product(e.g. remain the solder mask dams).

Solder mask colour is not very important in PCB design,different color PCBs are more for different customers’ preference,however, strictly controlling every detail of each link in the PCB design and production is the premise of good board.

Therefore, we do not recommend users to use the PCB color as a reference for purchasing a finish product.

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