Communication industry: high-frequency PCB manufacturing moves eastward

5G base station construction creates the demand for high-frequency PCB

In the 5G era, due to the high integration requirements of the antenna system, the 4G traditional feeder network will be

replaced with high-frequency PCB used in the the 5G base station AAU,

As the 5G spectrum gradually extends to the high frequency band, there will be a large demand for  high-frequency PCB,

At present, the PCB industry in mainland China has accounted for half of the country.

The eastward trend of the PCB industry continues,

in the meanwhile, the domestic PCB factories enter the field of high-frequency PCB manufacturing

And also,  the gap with overseas PCB companies is gradually narrowing

We predict that the demand for high-frequency copper clad laminates in the peak period of domestic 5G construction

is expected to reach 1.3 billion yuan / year


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