Development trends of Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Since its inception in the 1960s, surface mount technology (SMT) has entered a fully mature stage after more than 40 years of development. It has not only become the mainstream of contemporary circuit assembly technology but also continues to develop in-depth.

Print circuit board SMT HD6 - Development trends of Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

General development trends of surface mount technology

The components are getting smaller and smaller, the assembly density is getting higher and higher, and the assembly difficulty is getting bigger and bigger. Currently, SMT is making new technological progress in the following four areas:

(1) The volume of components is further miniaturized.

In mass-produced miniature electronic products, large-scale integrated circuits such as 0201 series components (outer dimensions 0.6mmx 0.3mm) and new packages such as QFP or BGA, CSP, and FC with a narrow lead pitch of 0.3mm have been widely adopted. . Due to the further miniaturization of components, higher precision and stability requirements are put forward on the level of SMT surface mount technology and the positioning system of SMT equipment.

(2) Further improve the reliability of SMT products.

In the face of the large-scale adoption of micro-small SMT components and the application of lead-free soldering technology, under extreme operating temperature and harsh environmental conditions, the stress caused by the mismatch of the linear expansion coefficient of the component materials is eliminated, and the circuit is avoided by this stress Board cracking or internal disconnection, and damage to the welding of components have become issues that have to be considered.

(3) Development of new production equipment.

In the mass production process of SMT electronic products, solder paste printers, placement machines, and reflow soldering equipment are indispensable. In recent years, various production equipment is developing in the direction of high density, high speed, high precision, and multi-function, and advanced technologies such as high-resolution laser positioning, optical visual recognition system, and intelligent quality control have been promoted and applied.

(4) Surface mount technology of flexible PCB.

With the widespread application of flexible PCB in the assembly of electronic products, the assembly of SMC components on flexible PCB has been overcome by the industry. The difficulty lies in how the flexible PCB can achieve the precise positioning requirements of rigid fixation.


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