Discussion and Analysis of PCB Testing Application Equipment

Among the applications of image measuring instruments, there is an application that we have been exposed to a lot but not mentioned above, and that is PCB detection. The application of the two-dimensional image measuring instrument to PCB testing can be mainly divided into two aspects.

  1. First of all, in the PCB industry, the two-dimensional image measuring instrument is mainly used to measure the appearance of high-density PCBs. Nowadays, customers are gradually moving towards the requirements for PCB appearance based on the strict requirements of the original electrical performance. Its shape tolerances also tend to be harsh, so image measuring instrument tools just make up for this gap. What’s more, many PCB manufacturers prefer more precise three-dimensional measuring instruments.
  2. In addition, on the level of possible expansion, the image measuring instrument can also be used for the measurement of PCB film, which is suitable for high-tech testing of production tools in the plate-making process. Through the data provided by the project, the distance between any points of the PCB film is measured by the second element, and the data list is obtained for analysis so that the expansion and contraction coefficient of the PCB film can be obtained scientifically, which can assist the production more scientifically.

Because of the so-called PCB testing, we mostly use the desired instrument to detect the length, width and height of the PCB, so we generally use the two-dimensional image measuring instrument to detect. For the detection of the PCB height, we can use the two-dimensional image Probes are added on the basis of the instrument, so as to achieve the purpose of simple three-dimensional testing, and this is more than enough for the testing of PCB height.


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