Enterprise Outlook

On the road of innovation, we have been forging ahead. There is a kind of success called never give up. There is a kind of success called keeping moving forward.

1. RCY scale (for now and future)

Shenzhen Renchuangyi (RCY PCB)

Plant Area: 12,000 square meters

Number of employees: 450

Factory positioning: rigid PCB, rigid-flex PCB, flex PCB

Product structure: small and medium batch

Monthly production capacity: 38,000 square meters



Jiujiang RCY Factory (under construction)

Plant Area: 40,000 square meters

Number of employees: 400

Factory positioning: double-sided board/high-precision multilayer board

Product structure: large quantities

Monthly production capacity: 100,000 square meters



Jiujiang RCY Second Factory (under planning)

Plant Area: 40,000 square meters

Number of employees: 500

Factory positioning: soft and hardboard/communication backplane

Product structure: small and medium batch

Monthly production capacity: 50000 square meters


2. Types, background, and development

Rigid-flex board

At present, the development trend of the rigid-flex boards is obvious: lighter and thinner, and the degree of integration is getting higher and higher. There are also obvious features. The rigid-flex board has not been applied to high-reliability fields such as aviation.

Finished board thickness: 0.2-0.25 board thickness rigid-flex board mass production will not be realized.

Hole processing capability: 3rd order/any level HDI rigid-flex board mass production realized.

Line width/line spacing capability: 1.5mil fine line mass production

Pressing ability

The same peel strength as hardboard.

Vehicle electronics

Automotive electronic circuit boards have always been known for their high reliability, especially when it comes to the field of engine ECUs, which have very high requirements for product consistency; another issue that cannot be ignored is that the field of new energy vehicles will surely become the future of automotive development. Mainstream.

Electroplating ability:

The hole/hole copper thickness tolerance is controlled to ±1.5um. Maximum copper thickness: mass production of inner layer>5 OZ products

Communication Electronics

In the next 5 years, 5G products will completely replace 4G energy products, which will bring huge and profound changes to our lives and work. Communication electronic products have increasingly higher requirements for transmission speed and quality.

Material: The processing capabilities of different high-frequency materials should be available. The number of laminated layers: to achieve mass production of circuit boards above 36L

Line etching tolerance: to achieve ±10% / ±1.5mil mass production capacity


Overall improvement

The current common problems faced by the PCB industry may also be common problems faced by all Chinese manufacturing industries: slowing demand, increasing-price pressure, higher quality requirements, short product life cycles, short product development cycles, and more batches. L/T shorten.

Engineering ability

Participate in customer product design and help customers design more outstanding products. At the same time, continuously optimize the design structure and actively help customers reduce costs

Quality Ability

In addition to ensuring functionality, the appearance needs to be refined.

Delivery Ability

Continue to improve delivery and cooperate with customers to quickly occupy the market.


Corporate vision

Step 1.

Top ten brands in the domestic circuit board field.

Step 2.

The top three PCB suppliers in the automotive sector.

Step 3.

The most trusted supplier of software and hardware in China.

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