Environment friendly

RCY is a green and environmentally friendly enterprise, abiding by environmental protection laws and regulations, saving energy and reducing waste, clean and safe production, continuous improvement, and creating a green factory. In accordance with ISO14001 international environmental certification standards, organize production and carry out environmental protection mechanism construction.

environmental protection - Environment friendly

  • Comply with environmental regulations, promoting energy-saving and waste reduction, clean and safe production, continue to improve to create a green plant
  • Fully comply with the ISO14001 international environment certification standards to organize the production and promote the environment-friendly mechanism construction.
  • Energy-saving equipment, sewage treatment equipment, all-staff environmental awareness, sound functional mechanism.


Environmental risk prevention work development

  • The emergency supplies are fully equipped. Drills and environmental safety prevention work are carried out normally.


Emergency plan for environmental emergencies

  • Renchuangyi Emergency Plan for Environmental Incidents.


Emergency drills for environmental emergencies

  • Drills have been carried out.


Occurrence and handling of emergencies

  • No major environmental safety accidents occurred.


Implementation of rectification requirements

  • Normal.


In 2020, the soil environment monitoring and hidden danger investigation are in line with the requirements, please refer to the relevant report for details.


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01 Circulating water regeneration system - Environment friendly

Circulating water regeneration system


02 Sewage treatment facility - Environment friendly

Sewage treatment facility

03 Waste gas treatment tower 280x280 - Environment friendly

Waste gas treatment tower