Inner Circuit



Transfer the circuit pattern and the graphics in the customer’s Gerber file to the inner layer of the Copper Clad Laminate( CCL)


2.Main materials involved in the Inner layer


1)Copper Clad Laminate( CCL)
2)Inner layer ink
3)Film or Dry film


3.Production process (including AOI)


1)The purpose of CCL pretreatment : clean the surface board material / oxidation to increase the roughness of the surface of the copper foil
2)The purpose of coating : to coat a thin layer of photosensitive ink to the surface of the copper clad laminate
3)The purpose of CCD Exposure : hardening the surface ink (polymerization) by strong light irradiation, avoiding the ink from sticking to the film and transferring the circuit pattern on the film to the CCL
4)The purpose of Acid etching line :Remove the photosensitive ink from the undesired pattern, then etch the unwanted pattern (copper foil on the board) with the Chemical liquid, and finally remove the ink from the circuit
5)AOI scanning : to inspect whether the line has open /short circuit through optical principle




1)Can produce 2.5 mil / 2.5 mil line width / line spacing
2)Full automatic vertical coating line can produce the thinest core of 3mil
3)Automatic CCD Exposure Machine : Minimum alignment accuracy can reach 1.5mil
4)Online AOI: large capacity and can scan 1.5 mil notched copper points



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