explain in detail about the challenges of 5G communication to PCB technology ( Part 2 )

The challenges of 5G communication to PCB technology

1 Challenge to PCB Material requirements 

A very clear direction for 5G PCB is high-frequency ,high-speed materials and boards. In terms of high-frequency materials, it can be clearly seen

that leading traditional PCB material manufacturers such as Lianmao, Shengyi and Panasonic have begun to lay out high-frequency PCB material 

and introduced a series of new materials,which will break the current situation of the Rogers family in the field of high-frequency panels.

Therefore, localization of high frequency materials is an inevitable trend

2 Challenge to PCB design requirements 

The selection of the material should meet the requirements of high frequency and high speed.

In addition, the impedance matching, layer stack-up planning, trace width & spacing/pcb holes, etc. should meet the requirement of signal integrity,

which can be from loss, embedding, high frequency phase ,/Amplitude, mixed pressure, heat dissipation, PIM on the pcb design

3 Challenge to PCB manufacturing process and technology

The enhancement of the functions of 5G related applications will increase the demand for high-density PCBs,

and HDI PCBs will also become an important technical field. 

Moreover, multi-phase HDI pcb and even DHI PCB with arbitrary phase interconnect will be popular
and new processes such as buried resistance and buried capacity will have more and more applications.

4 Challenge to PCB equipment and instruments requirements 

high-precision equipment and pre-treatment lines with less copper surface roughening are currently ideal processing equipment

high precision pattern transfer and vacuum etching equipment can monitor and adjust the line width and coupling spacing of feedback data in real time;

uniformity of plating equipment, high-precision lamination equipment, etc. can also meet 5G PCB production needs.

5 Challenge to PCB quality control requirements 

Due to the increase of 5G signal rate, the influence of PCB manufacturing deviation on signal performance becomes larger,

which requires more strict control of production deviation of the PCB manufacturing,

However, there is not much updates in the existing mainstream PCB manufacturing process and equipment,

which will become the bottleneck of future pcb technological development


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