FPC applications


FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) is a printed circuit board made of flexible copper clad laminate FCCL as the basic material. It has the advantages of a lightweight, thin thickness, small size, foldability, and high circuit density. It is widely used in smartphones, wearable devices, automotive electronics, medical equipment, industrial control equipment, and other modern electronic products. In line with the trend of miniaturization and intelligentization of electronic products and their components, FPC has become the main PCB material for electronic products such as smartphones.

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With more and more automotive electronic applications, FPC is mainly used in multiple fields, including body entertainment, lighting systems (LED), and instrument panels. I have mainly talked about it before in the battery field.



The FPC is used in occasions where other circuit interconnection structures are not competent. The following table shows the characteristics of flexible boards and their application areas. Typical examples of flexible board applications in electronic products are given in the table. Portable electronic products, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, car dashboards, handheld computing devices, etc., require reliable 3D wiring in small spaces. In some cameras, more than a dozen flexible boards occupy only a small space after compression.

Flexible boards can also be hinged connected in many electronic products with mechanical moving parts, such as notebook computers, handheld computers, PDAs, and so on. Many electronic products, such as hard drives, small printers, flip phones, etc., require a dynamic flip structure with a long life. In addition, in avionics and small portable electronic products (such as mobile phones), multilayer rigid-flex boards are also used to effectively reduce wiring space and increase wiring reliability. Rigid-flex boards can meet all these wiring requirements. At the same time, manufacturers are also working hard to reduce the production cost of these flexible boards used in consumer electronic products.


Features and applications of FPC

Small space high-density wiringDigital cameras, mobile phones, flat-panel displays, digital cameras, fax machines, ultrasonic probes
Thin and light Calculator
3D wiring car dashboardsmobile phones, cameras, laptops
Reliable connectionAerospace, industrial products
Tough and can be bent for a long time.Printers, hard drives, floppy drives, CD players, VCRs