FPC Process Capability

ItemTechnical specification Illustration

Layer Count

1-6 L
1 2 - FPC Process Capability
Base MaterialFCCL (IT/Hongren/Taihong/DuPont/Panasonic)
Max.panel size400mm*540m
Final Board Thickness0.036-0.4mm
Tolerance of Final Board Thickness± 30%

Min line Width/Space

3 1 - FPC Process Capability

Min hole to line Spacing

5mil(125um)for 2L,6mil(150um)for 4L,7mil(178um)for 6L and above
4 1 - FPC Process Capability
Minimum BGA clamping line3.5mil(89um)
Copper thickness⅓ - 1 oz(Inner Layer) ; ⅓ - 2 oz(Outer Layer)

Inter-layer alignment accuracy

5 2 - FPC Process Capability
Min Hole Diamete≥0.1mm( Mechanical hole);≥0.075mm( Laser hole)
Hole Diameter Tolerance±0.50 um(2mil)
Etching Tolerance±15% / ±2.0mil
Solder Mask Thickness10-30 um

Min Solder Mask Bridge

4mil (100um)
7 - FPC Process Capability
Solder Mask Plug Hole Max Diameter0.6 mm
Surface TreatmentGold finger, electric gold, anti-oxidation, immersion gold, nickel palladium gold, electric soft gold
Gold Thickness1-3u"( Immersin Gold) ;≤50u"(Hard Gold)

Impedance Control Tolerance

8 - FPC Process Capability
Cover film bonding accuracy±0.15mm