FR4 Technical Capabilities

Max Panel Size: 25″*20.5″(622mm*520mm)

Min Inner layer line width/space: 3mil/3mil(0.075mm/0.075mm)

Min lnner Layer Pad: 4mil(0.1mm)

Min Core Thickness: 4mil(0.1mm)

Inner Layer Copper Thickness: 0.5-8 oz

Finished Copper Thickness: 0.5-20 oz

Final Board Thickness: 0.4-3.2mm

Final Board Thickness Tolerance: ±10%

Layer Count: 2-26 L

Inner layers Registration:±2mil(±50um)

Min mechanical Drill Size: 0.15mm

Hole Position Accuracy: ±2mil(±50um)

Hole Diameter Tolerance: ±2mil(±50um)

Max PTH Aspect Ratio: 10:01

Image To Image Tolerance: 3mil/3mil(75um/75um)

Min Out layer line width/space: 3mil/3mil(88um/88um)

Etching Tolerance: ±10%

Min Solder mask Dam: 4mil(100um)

Max Solder Mask Plug Hole Diameter: 0.5mm

Surface Treatment: HASL,Gold Finger,Plating Gold,OSP,ENIG,IMM,TIN,IMM AG

Max Gold Thickness Of Gold Finger: ≤30u”(≤0.75um)

Gold Thickness Of Immersion Gold: AU 1-3u”(0.025-0.075um)

Impedance Control And Tolerance: ±10%

Peel Strength: ≥61B/in(≥107g/mm)

Warp And Twist: ≤0.75%

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