Global Memory Card Market: China’s memory technology ranks second

DRAMeXchange, a memory card industry research organization of TrendForce, recently released the 2014 global memory market statistics report and ranked the top ten vendors. The second one is likely to surprise many people.

In 2014, the global memory industry total sales of 8.8 billion US dollars, a 21% year-on-year increase. This is mainly due to the stability of PC DRAM memory grain prices and the growth of cash-related trade-related contracts.

Due to the shortage of market supply, control of supply and demand, coupled with the rapid growth of the smartphone and server markets, the memory industry in 2014 is still very profitable, and the price of memory chips throughout the year is also very stable. The average contract price and market of 4Gb DDR3 The price was 3.65 US dollars, 4.00 US dollars, an increase of 18, 17%, the difference between the two is only 10%.

On the vendor side, Kingston was the boss, with sales of $5.2 billion, a surge of 44.69% year-on-year, and a market share of 59.00%, a sharp increase of 9.80 percentage points over 2013, absolutely unmatched. In fact, Kingston is also the only market share increase in TOP10.

The second place is China’s domestic memory technology (Ramaxel), sales of 675 million US dollars, an increase of 12.88%, thanks to Lenovo’s big single and server market development. Its market share fell from 8.19% to 7.66%, but it still surpassed the Taiwanese weigang and won the runner-up.

ADATA’s sales have dropped 16.96%, which is the worst of the top 10 manufacturers, and its share has dropped significantly from 8.66% to 5.96%. This is mainly because it adjusts the strategy and reduces the proportion of memory products.

The fourth to tenth are Meiguang, Transcend, MA Labs, Jintaike, Apacer, Corsair, and Shiyan. In terms of regional distribution, there are four in Taiwan and four in the United States. The Chinese mainland has two of them. The other Jintek has performed well, rising from the eighth to the seventh. The pirate ship regressed a lot, and the seventh slipped to the ninth.

The oligarchic phenomenon in the memory industry is also becoming more and more obvious. The top five manufacturers have taken 81% of gross profit, and the top ten manufacturers accounted for 92% of total revenue.


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