How to choose material for layer stack-up of multilayer PCB?

When someone works on a multilayer PCB project,they have to calculate a stack-up for that PCB.

Some of them may have some questions about how to choose material for layer stack-up of multilayer PCB?

For example,using Isola 370HR for a 4L project,assumed the finished board thickness is 1.6mm+/-10%,we can choose cores with 40 mils thickness. But there are 3 ways to choose prepregs (woven glass) for the dielectric layer with each 8mil: 3×1080, 2×2116, 1×7628. Their thickness is not too much different, and all of them could meet requirements impedance.

How could we decide which one should be used? RCYPCB suggest to choose 2×2116,it’s a good choice, it is more common material and with opulent resin, save your time and money,and assured PCB quality.

By the way, if you don’t know how to choose prepreg for layer stack-up,please indicate the dielectric thickness and dielectric constant value in Gerber or spec, we (PCB factory) will help you to choose the suitable prepreg for layer stack-up of multilayer PCB.

Clemons Van