How to lower the risk of PCB design?

If we could know the possible risks ahead of the PCB design, the risks will be avoided in advance, the success rate of PCB design will be improved greatly.

Many companies have set an index to check the success rate of the first article,the key point of the successful first article is signal integrity design. But a lot of the enterprises faced some problems in the PCB design. The completed PCB work in fluctuation situation or don’t work at all. In the next,I will share with you three tips for reducing the risks when you design PCB.

Firstly,considering the issues of signal integrity before you start to design.You should think about how to bluid a whole system, how to ensure the signal transmitting from one model to another model.

Secondly,using the simulation software to evaluate the layout type,to survey whether the signal quality could meet the requirements.

Finally,the risk control should be through out of the PCB design,slove the problems while we design PCB is more efficacious for lower risks.

If we could carry out above three tips when we design PCB,the risk of design will lower greatly,the costs will be saved as well.

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