International copper prices fell to low point this year, PCB industry prospects with conservative view

The international copper price spot price fell to 5,822 US dollars per metric ton in May, the second lowest this year.

Besides, as far as the PCB industry is concerned, it shows a wait-and-see attitude towards demand in the second half of this year 

and has a conservative view on inventory preparation. And also, the international copper price fell by 6.3% in May, and the latest offer fell to US$5,822 per metric ton,

which is the second lowest this year, it has meaning or significance of two aspects. First, the global industry prospects is declining.

On one hand, it caused infrastructure construction demand for  electric wires and cables to decline. On the other hand,

it reflects the decline in the demand for related copper foil and copper foil substrates in the PCB industry or PCB factory. In addition, 

the US-China trade war has deteriorated, and it caused market uncertainty to rise. However, even though,

the PCB industry has responded cautiously to market changes


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