Introduction to Rigid-flex PCBs

Rigid-flex PCB is a special integrated circuit board combining with rigid and flex circuit layers. It is mixed one or several rigid area and flexible area, then is laminated together to be an integrity circuit board.

Advantages and characteristics
To meet 3D assembly in the small space, we need Rigid Flex PCB to have both rigid and flex circuit layers, witch can make it to be multi-layer PCB offering support force for electronic components assembly and installation. It owns excellent electronic product installation. In addition, the rigid section and the flex section are laminated together, so it has good stability, even under the harsh environment, won’t degrade the performance. With the feature of bending and folding like paper, Rigid Flex PCB can optimize the available design space.

Application area
Rigid-flex PCB produces are mainly applied in: aviation, aerospace, unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVS),medical devices, smart phones, cameras, digital cameras, tablets, wear electronic, Bluetooth movement headset, VR, robot, battery protection board and soon on.
Smart Phone
Smart Watch
Hi-tech Blueteeth Headphone
Unmanned Plane
Curved Screen TV
Intelligent Robot

Our advantages
With advanced high-end automation equipment, complete quality control& inspection system, decades of PCB manufacturing and technical experience, and talented management team,
Have the best technical experts in Rigid-flex PCB field;
Have the ability of mass production, to insure on time delivery.

***** We are among the top 100 PCB and Rigid-Flex PCB manufactures in China.
With perfect management system and high standard manufacturing process.
The product quality in our factory is trustworthy *****


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