ISO14001 Environmental Management System

ISO14001 is a systematic management method that guides enterprises to reduce and control the pollution caused to the environment during the operation process,which involves water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, energy consumption, fire protection, chemicals management, etc.

ISO14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO14001 certification has become an entry permit to break international green barriers and enter the European and American markets. Enterprises that have passed ISO14001 certification can save energy, reduce costs, meet government legal requirements, improve corporate image and enhance corporate competitiveness. ISO14001 has become the most comprehensive and systematic international standard for environmental management in the world and has attracted widespread attention and positive response from governments and enterprises around the world.

The ISO14001 series of standards cover a wide range of applications, covering all levels of management. The life cycle assessment method (ISO14040-ISO14049) can be used for product and packaging design and development, green product optimization, and environmental performance (behavior) evaluation (ISO14030-ISO14039). Can be used for corporate decision-making to select solutions that are conducive to environmental and market risks; environmental labeling (ISO14020-ISO14029) serves to improve corporate public relations, establish a corporate environmental image and promote market development; and environmental management system standards (ISO14001-ISO14009) enters the deep management of the enterprise, directly acts on the site operation and control, clarifies the duties and division of labor of employees, and comprehensively improves their environmental awareness.

Therefore, the ISO14000 series of standards actually constitute the environmental management framework of the entire enterprise.

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