Layer stack-up design tutoria

Since RCYPCB started to offer Multilayers PCB service, many customers usually ask us how to design a suitable layer stack-up for the boards. Let’s briefly give a tutorial for layer stack-up design.

Firstly, we will expound on what the layer stack-up is.

The high-speed development of electronics has been promoted the PCBs towards micronation, lightweight, high frequency, and longer lifetime, which results in the prevalent trend of multilayer PCBs, so it leads out the concept of stack-up.

Layer stack-up refers to the arrangement of signal layers, prepreg layers, and base core that makes up the construction of PCB layout design. A construction of PCB stack-up design brings many advantages:

  1. A suitable layer stack-up can help customers optimize their product’s external noise and reduce resistance.
  2. A suitable layer stack-up can also help customers to save costs and improve production efficiency.
  3. A suitable layer stack-up can reduce electromagnetic interference of customers’ design as well.