PCB Assembly Service

RCY is a professional PCB supplier. We have established cooperative relations with many PCBA factories and can provide customers with PCB production, SMT patch, PCBA services, and we can provide a one-stop PCB assembly service. Considering that there are many customers who want to undertake SMT services on the basis of PCB production.

Committed to providing our customers with comprehensive solutions for small and medium batch circuit board production, circuit board patching, manufacturing, and PCB assembly.

SMT production line

Support products

Communications, industrial control, chip testing, automotive electronics, medical equipment, etc.

PCBA Shenzhen factory

Multiple SMT production lines

One-stop manufacturing of patch, plug-in, post welding, testing, and assembly

High-end equipment: Panasonic placement machine

Focus on quality, fast delivery

Daily production capacity

10 million points+


Process capability

Mounting speed

CHIP component mounting speed (under the best conditions) 0.036 S/piece

The smallest package that can be attached

0201, the accuracy can reach ±0.04mm

Minimum device accuracy

PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP, and other devices can be mounted, with a pin spacing of ±0.04mm


IC type placement accuracy

high level for placement of ultra-thin PCB boards, flexible PCB boards, golden fingers, etc. It can mount/insert/mix TFT display driver boards, mobile phone motherboards, battery protection circuits, and other difficult products.


Throwing rate

1, resistance-capacitance rate 0.3, 2, IC type without throwing


Testing equipment

X-RAY tester, first tester, AOI automatic optical tester, ICT tester, BGA rework station

Equipments in the above picture are Printing machine, High-speed mounter, Mounter, Reflow soldering, AOI, X-RAY inspection.

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