RCY ELECTRONIC : Analysis of PCB Industry

As we all know,there are many kinds of raw materials we need to use for PCB manufacturing industry.

For example, mainly copper clad laminates, prepregs, copper foil, copper balls,  inks, dry films and other materials.

However,  CCL is the basic material for making printed circuit boards, and companies can  only use the CCL in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

And ,the two have strong relationship of interdependence.

On one hand ,the manufacturing technology and supply level of CCL is an important foundation

for the development of the PCB industry. On the other hand,the development of PCB will also

have an important impact on the demand and development of CCL

What’s more, we can see that CCL accounts for about 20% to 40% of the total printed circuit board production cost, and has the greatest impact on the cost of printed circuit boards.

In addition to copper clad laminates, copper foil and copper balls are also important raw materials for PCB production.

However,people said that the price of copper foil and copper ball mainly depends on the price change of copper,which is greatly affected by the international copper price.

Recently, the PCB market of telecommunication electronics and 5G shows a strong growing of demand in PCBs

we can say that 2019 is the first year of 5G commercial use


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