PCB industry is upgrading,PCB market of the global 5G base station in 2019 is expected to reach 1 billion US dollars

In April 2019, South Korea and the United States launched 5G mobile communications Projects. Although the initial signal coverage rate was not satisfactory, it also indicated that the 5G era is coming. In the second half of 2019, UK and Mainland of China will also officially move toward 5G field,which will start a long-time competition for 5G business opportunities


PCB business opportunities driven by 5G mobile communication can be roughly divided into several types,

First of all, 5G base stations infrastructure,due to the physical characteristics of micro-waves, 5G requires 4 to 5 times the number of 4G base stations

and a large number of small base stations. Then there will be a variety of switches, routers or home communication equipment updates,

and finally a variety of 5G applications.Various types of system modules will require PCB support with different characteristics.

In terms of 5G base stations, the AAU of each 5G base station has about six PCBs (3 PCBs for antennas and 3 PCBs for RF terminals),

DU has three high-speed printed circuit boards with 28 layers and CU has one High-speed backplane of 40-layer

According to the number,material and PCB quotation of 5G base stations built worldwide each year,

we estimate that the PCB market of global 5G base station will be around US$1 billion in 2019, and it may grow to US$8 billion in 2023

Besides,the PCBs used in 5G base station all require high-speed and high-speed material to support . For PCB manufacturers, just because you got the material does

not mean you’re able to enter into the high-frequency high-speed PCB market for 5G applications. In addition to material support for PCB manufacturers to produce high-frequency,high-speed printed circuit board for 5G applications.

PCB manufacturers also need process capabilities, such as Thermal design, thin plates/panel with circuit of high precision and high density ,

and high impedance matching requirements and other process capabilities.

All in all, the 5G PCB supply chain is still not fully finalized from materials and equipment to the PCB factory.Any new materials and new processes may break the current supply chain system,which is a great opportunity for many manufacturers to transform and upgrade.


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