PCB Quality Control Structure

1. Quality Structure Diagram

2. How to implement it?

1) Identification and conversion of customer requirements

Transform all customer requirements into operational requirements and measures within their respective business divisions. Train the executive department through the organization to implement customer requirements.

2) Supplier management

The SQE department is responsible for systematic management of suppliers, providing a smooth information exchange mechanism, and continuously tracking and promoting supplier quality improvement activities.

3) Process quality control

Establish a systematic quality management system, based on standard work instructions, establish a complete training mechanism, implement standardized operations and regular equipment maintenance, strictly control change management, strengthen product and equipment abnormality management, and follow up and implement traceability management, sort out key process control items, and focus on monitoring to ensure product quality requirements.

4) Shipment quality control

Strictly check the quality of shipments, and inspect and control the quality of shipments in strict accordance with international IPC standards and customer standards.

5) Customer service

Focusing on the customer, the sales team and customer service team follow up the quality performance of the product after shipment in a timely manner, and take quick and effective improvement actions to the customer’s abnormal quality feedback.

6) Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement, and continuous refinement of the production process, to ensure that ‘Every product that RCY manufacturing must be a fine product’.


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