PCB requirements transformation

The understanding of customer requirements is the most basic substitute for the circuit board factory to make products, and it is often a position that is easily overlooked. So how does RCY transform customer requirements?

1. Create a customer profile


customer review→on-site review→document review→customer’s request→establish a file

After the customer has audited our factory and established cooperation. We will build a customer profile based on the customer’s industry, the characteristics of the customer’s product, and the customer’s special requirements, etc. to create a customer profile and convert the requirements of the profile to the practices we should control in order to meet the customer’s requirements.

For example, some customers require that the characters cannot change color during SMT, then we will change the flow of the production process from ‘solder mask→characters→immersion gold’, to ‘solder mask→immersion gold→characters’. Such conversion can greatly reduce the risk of character discoloration after SMT.

Of course, the establishment of customer files can only control the quality in the general direction, and specific problems still need to be analyzed in detail.

 2. Optimize the customer’s Gerber file and establish a reasonable MI


Customer places an order→Propose EQ→Customer responds to EQ→Make MI

Our engineering department will combine customer files, and then propose a reasonable EQ for the specific material number. The customer responds to the content of the EQ. We will make MI (production instructions) according to EQ, and distribute MI to the production department, which will manufacture according to MI requirements.

The above two processes are dynamically updated. If customers have new requirements, we will update customer characteristic files or EQ accordingly.


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