PCB Supplier Management

High-quality raw materials are an important part of ensuring the quality of circuit boards. RCY’s supplier management system is very complete and reasonable.

1. We cooperate with first-class suppliers

FR4&flex main material supplier

KB\Shengyi, Taiwan South Asia, Isola, Doosan, DuPont

Accessories supplier

Changxing Dry Film, Baikal Potion, Jinzhou Drill, 3M, Sun Ink, Southern Copper Ball


2. Perfect QA inspection

We have a complete inspection mechanism for incoming materials, board materials. And we will inspect its appearance, size, thickness, tensile force, thermal shock, CAF, etc.

For accessories, we will check the content of harmful substances, color difference, binding force, and so on.

If there is a problem with the incoming material link, we will communicate with the supplier immediately.


3. Reasonable supplier quality assessment system

RCY will rate the risk of suppliers, which will determine how we evaluate suppliers. For some low-risk suppliers, we will conduct annual audits or exemptions. For suppliers with relatively high risks, we will conduct audits on a quarterly or half-yearly basis.

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