Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Industry Research and Analysis Report

In recent years, China’s advantages in the PCB industry are obvious.So,what are the driving factors and development trends of the PCB industry in the future?And,in the global competitive landscape,how much does the domestic-funded enterprise win? Let’s talk about the relevant analysis report of the PCB industry today

I. Factors that drive PCB industry and development trends of PCB industry

1)  The PCB market is huge,as the PCB industry is the basic and the most important part of the whole electronic information industry.

It is expected that the electronic information industry will continue to lead the global economic growth in the future,

so the growth rate of the PCB industry will be slightly higher than the macroeconomic growth rate

Major downstream , such as communication electronics, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics will provide sustainable development momentum for the PCB industry.

In addition, we can forecast that the compound growth rate will be 3.2% in the next five years,in the short to medium term, the growth rate of communication and automotive electronics is significantly higher than other industries,which will be an important force driving the development of the PCB industry

2) As the increasingly updating demand for downstream consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other industries,

the proportion of high value-added PCB products is gradually growing, after entering the 5G era, the PCB usage of smartphones will increase significantly, and the demand for high-frequency and high-speed PCB will continue to increase. 

In addition, all kinds of automotive electronic devices used in autonomous driving and new energy vehicles will also

drive the demand for high-end PCBs to increase

3) Due to the important position of China’s mainland in the global information industry, plus, China has many advantages in the PCB industry,

II. Industry scale

The global PCB market

Global PCB product structure 




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